You might consider one of these holsters, for your Steyrs...

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by ppro, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. ppro

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    Just thought I would throw out what has been THE best belt concealment holster I have ever had ( on my third one now) and, the most comfortable ....
    Anyone who has one, will know what I am talking about.

    It is the FIST K2 Highride.......shown here:

    And yes Martha, they make it for the Steyrs :

    They can also be ordered with a thumb snap, as a option .....I have them both ways and either way thumb snap or tension.....are very good.


  2. Thunderbear

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    I liked the #19 better, ThaiBoxer, but only because it was a close cropped #20.

    ..on a side note, I just watched Ong Bak tonight.

  3. BulletBait

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    Whatever you do, don't buy the K8. It's a POS.

    Mine is made all wrong.
    The stitched seams are bent out, away from your body when worn.
    Even worse, the adjuster is pulled away from the gun so the holster actually measures around 1 3/4 in thick, AT THE BOTTOM! The pistol is only 1 inch thick!

    It literally enhances printing!

    Finally, that angle adjuster is trash.
    Even when tightened down hard, it slowly slips and changes the cant of the pistol as you move about.

    While the construction of the holster itself is solid,
    no exaggeration, it's the most poorly thought out holster I've ever gotten.

    I'll take some pics tomorrow and post them.
  4. ThaiBoxer

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    The K8...

    You can warm up the parts that stick out with a hair dryer and bend them inwards. You shouldn't have to, but...

    The slotted adjuster is goofy, but it is no different than carrying a gun Mex style. It doesn't move much on me.

    As is, the top of the J hook covers the grip area, bad planning.

    I still have mine, plan to use it as an IWB for IDPA. Re-holsters are easier with it than others.

    My Crossbreed is more comfy and better in most ways.

    All in all, the K8 is not a well planned design.
  5. Shooter

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    I have to say I was disappointed in this one works, but quality is peapoor..........