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Yet another, is this getting old yet?

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Just got off the phone with Brian @ CDNN and ordered a M9 with the 4 mag special. I should have it in a couple of days and look forward to sharing my experience once I get to shoot it. I have browsed a little and found alot of useful info so thanks to all for their posts and links.
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Never! We love to hear when another has joined our group. Welcome. Don't forget the range report.

Don't forget to buy a case of ammo. A box or two just won't do for the first time.
Welcome to the club. Prepare to become addicted. The first range report is the cost of admission. Look forward to hearing about your experiences.
Already have a case of ammo on the way. Walmart is always out and I hate going there anyway. Range report for sure since I always go every Saturday night. I wont be able to get it until next Tuesday because of a 5 day waiting period.
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