WWII Fighter Plane Discovered on Beach

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    Back during my airplane model-building days as a kid, I always thought the P-38 “Lightning” was the coolest of them all. One of my heroes was Dick Bong, Medal of Honor winner and the “Ace of Aces” who shot down more Japanese planes with his P-38, 40 "kills," than any other Allied pilot in WWII.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Major Richard Bong in his P-38.

    Now one of the few surviving P-38s has been found long-buried in the sand on a beach in Wales, where is lay hidden for 65 years until it was exposed by a storm on the Irish sea. Why can’t I ever find something interesting like that on the beach?

    WWII Fighter Plane Discovered on Beach

    Making it even more interesting to this Tar Heel is who crash-landed the plane on that beach so long ago and walked away unhurt, a North Carolina native.