WWB "Improved Accuracy" Ammo

Discussion in 'Ammunition and Reloading' started by Guest, Jun 15, 2005.

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    I noticed tonight that the last batch of Winchester White Box I bought at Wally World says "Improved Accuracy Ammunition" on it. Maybe that's why the price has gone up 38 cents.

    Does anybody have any insight into what, exactly, Winchester did to make this "improved"? I've put over 8000 rounds of WWB through my pistol collection and never had a FTF or any other significant problem. Accuracy (for me) has always been pretty darn acceptible...just wonder what I should expect from this new batch.


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    they also went cheaper on the packaging, beware od split open boxes in your range bag.

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    I think I've read somewhere that the bullet is different.
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    I wish I had read this earlier. I had about 400 rounds of WWB 9mm loose inside my bag at the range today. I'll know next time.
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    thats why i get the plastic boxes used for reloaders to store all my ammo in not to mention that i also reload myself but i keep 50-100 rounds of store bought stuff on hand incase anyone wants to try my steyr at the range
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    Winchester Ammo

    Do not know about the improved accuracy ammo but definitely sounds interesting, WWB is already pretty decent ammo for the price. I do suggest that anyone having any sort of issue or concern with Winchester ammo contact them. Last year, after purchasing a few boxes at Walmart, I was disappointed with how the ammo looked, appeared to have been stored in humid area and brass seemed a little discolored. With some of it, I suspected that someone replaced the new ammo in the boxes with reloads. I contacted Winchester and they sent me $80 worth of gift certificates for Winchester ammo, more than enough to replace everything I bought. They did not even want the old ammo back, just sent me the certificates, no hassle, they stand behind their products.