Up for sale is a well preserved, barely shot US made Steyr AUG that is very clean and with a practically new bolt. Very minimal shots have been fired through this, roughly 150 rounds. I took this to a CQB course just to be funny, and to actually see if the bullpup configuration was worth it. Bullpups aren't really my thing

Total Mags: 5-42 Round Mags, 8-30 Round Mags.

The EOTech is the EXPS 2-0, and I no longer have the box for it. Glass is pristine, and the scuffs on the exterior of it are easily removable with a pencil eraser. I will make sure the marks are off before sending. Sling is brand new, QD, and was only added so that I can get rid of some slings.
Call or text me on 9137350567 for questions and pics!

I am asking $1950 including shipping fee from my FFL…No trades please