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WTF?! Difference in mag springs?

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I don't know if anyone recalls, but I've had many problems with my almost-brand-new M9A1 slide not locking back after the last shot. The general consensus on this board was that I had a magazine problem. So I ordered two new magazines from onpoint and received them today, and this is what I found:

The first spring on the left is the old mag that came with the weapon, and the two on the right are the new springs - they are obviously not the same. Also, the new mags are noteably harder to load. So, my question is - when did the mag's change? All the mags are printed with the Steyr symbol, and onpoint claims they are factory mags, so I'm trusting they are. If the shorter springs are malfunctioning, do you think I can contact Steyr and try to work out some kind of swap? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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that first spring looks like a S or a 10-round M spring.

somehow got the wrong one put in your mag at the factory?
contact steyr and see if you send in the mag if they'll replace the spring since they can't sell "parts" per se yet.
The 10 round mag springs I have for the M or S is only one large coil shorter (4 small and 7 large coils) than the 14 rounder springs. The follower legs are also a little bit shorter. I've put the 10 rounder springs in the 14 rounders and they have ran perfectly fine for several hundred rounds. Only difference is the 14 rounders now can hold 15 rounds with a little bit of room to spare so it can be inserted fully loaded to allow 15+1. With the original 14 rounder spring, the 15th round need to be forced in with no give left at all and wouldn't lock in with the slide closed.

Appears who ever you got your "almost new" M9A1 from did some mods to the mag spring. If Steyr can't help you, one option is to buy a cheap 10 round Steyr mag from CDNN for $10 each and swap the spring.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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