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  1. Angel

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    As you can see at a discussion below, I bought a magazine for my M9-1A that was rusted. Cleaned and lubed the magazine and took it out to the range today.

    First loaded 5 rounds, fired, no problems. Next loaded another 5 rounds, fired, like buttah! Next loaded another 5 rounds and pulled the trigger.

    Wish I had a camera recording it!!!! That one pull sent 2 rounds down the barrel, and loaded the next round in the chamber. That's right, folks! The puppy went auto on me!

    I figured it was the magazine, so I stopped using it and fired about another 100 rounds with other magazines, just fine. Not a single failure rest of the day.

    This is kinda funny, cause the range master guy told me back in december that the M9-1A he had, kept firing 2 rounds at a time, too. He sent it in to SAI, they kept it for a while and told him that they couldn't figure out why and returned him a M40-1A instead.

    Anybody else had their gun go auto on them? I was honestly surprised that my gun actually extracted both rounds, knowing how finicky it is just extracting one at a time.

  2. Gray_Wolf

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    looks like you got a 'special' one... 8) don't sent it to SAI they might ruin it... :shock: :wink:

  3. bigtaco

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    rather than post long...

    yes... it happened to me. i know of one cause that "someone of repute" clued me into. that wasn't the cause of my grief and it took me quite a bit of time to figure out my trouble. but having spoken with this person for hours about the independent functions of each component and all the relationships between them, i finally figured out my grief.

    i will bet money that one of two things were going on.

    1, the trigger bar bend was not at 90 degrees.

    or 2) there was a scratch in the face of the post, which held the sear down allowing the gun to slam fire the second shot.

    no one ever told me about number 2). once i understood exactly what i was looking at, and realized that the "little scratch" was a few thousandths deep, i knew i had found my problem, and fixed it. no more double tapping.

    now, if whoever the smith was replaced ALL of the internal parts at one time, the odds of the second trigger bar bend being out of square are pretty slim, the odds of a scratched post face are zilch. so if it still didn't work after replacing all internals, i'd be dumb-founded myself.

    either of those conditions will cause auto mode.

    just like a car, it's a mechanical device, and they fail... somtimes. hopefully in a safe way.

    the old s10 pickup had a very similar failure; to draw an automotive analogy. it broke one of the springs in the throttle body, which made the engine spin to redline, unless you put it under load!!! so here i am in rush hour traffic, with a rat trap s10 with it's motor SCREAMING!!!


    dubious on faulting the magazine for the double taps. what we need for a double tap is the firing pin to pass the sear as the gun is coming into battery after being fired once. how the mag could effect this is escaping me. though it is curious that removing that mag from the rotation also removed the problem.
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    +1. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out a scenario in which the magazine would be responsible for a 2 round burst.
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    I hear what you guys are saying but, I fired another 100+ rounds after I removed the magazine. Of course it kinda bothers me now in hindsight that wouldn't explain how the striker could fire the second time.

    UNLESS, the first round got ignited by the round behind it, yes it is a long shot but it makes sense to me. If somehow, the first round is in the chamber and the second round got pushed up enough to be striked, I wonder if the explosion can ignite the first one, too?
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    WHAT????? - I am having a very hard time visualizing this....

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