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Wolf ammo

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Quick range report. I fired some Wolf Silver Bear 40s&w yesterday at the range. I only had the 165 fmj and the 180jhp on hand and I split them between my duty Glock and M40. No malfunctions through either gun and accuracy was on par with speer blue box. I even tried the stuff one handed at 25' through Steyr and alternated rounds in the mags and had no hiccups. I've used the 9mm before and had no complaints except that the prices went up again. I used to get 500 round (9mm) boxes f/50$, now I think its up to 65$. This was first shoot w/40s&w and it seems ok for lower priced ammo. And still for a smaller gun, M40 Vs. G23, Steyr has the edge in accuracy over the full sized duty gun.YMMV
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Well, Wolf started out just a post-cold war deal with former USSR ammunition plants and an American company, but lately they are really improving and personally I think they make outstanding rifle ammunition. The jury is still out for me on the pistol ammunition though, but thanks for the information. Maybe they'll be the go-to folks for pistol ammo soon.
wolf makes some very nice 12 guage ammo. its nicer than winchester and remingtion ammo that i have tried. their power buckshot and power slug rounds are cheap and their awesome. you can shoot buckshot and slugs all day at their prices.
I have some bad experience with wolf in my ruger p97 .45 ACP. FTE's, no FTF's tho.... I was using the steel cased, which i will never use again, but I dont know if they make a brass or alum case in handgun.
If you look around enough... you'll see that it gets about a 50/50 review though.....

From my research, if you live near a wal-mart, check for the Winchester white box there..... bout the best price after factoring in shipping anywhere else..... For me, Cabellas is only 45 mins away, and they are always running ammo specials it seems, or so my wife says, :roll: but wal-mart and white box in between.
My M40 did not like the wolf ammo at all, after 50 rds it jammed up on me twice so I callled it quits. I think I'll have to try some UMC's
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