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Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by ThaiBoxer, Jan 28, 2008.

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    As I get more into the gun games, I find that the M40A1 is at a disadvantage in IPSC Production class (unless I start reloading puffball .40) and is of no advantage in IDPA SSP or ESP. I started to think about getting a Browning Hi Power for sentimental reasons to use as an ESP gun, took a look at options and added expense of holsters, trigger work etc, and decided I could buy one helluva lot more 9mm gun for a lot less if I called up CDNN.

    So....One M9A1 and 2 extra 10 rounder mags on the way to my local FFL. Steyr #3 for me. There is just no better deal to be had in new or even used handguns.

    I'll use my M40A1 as an L10 gun in IPSC, and also for SSP.

  2. Netfotoj

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    Too good a deal to pass up, ain't it? I also got an extra pair of 14-rd. 9mm mags, two more .40/357 12-rd. mags for my M357-A1 and a couple of 14-rd. .45 ACP mags for my Llama IX-C, all for the price of one new pistol by any comparable model by any other maker.

    And of course my left and right holsters will fit either one, so I can be ambiguous with either.

    I'm hoping I may even be able to get my wife to shoot the M9-A1. She won't touch any of my other pistols. We're planning a girls day at the range in two weeks with my daughter, my daughter-in-law and a friend's wife, all of whom are either packing or plan to be soon. The wife says she'll give it a try then because all the other gals will be shooting too! :mrgreen:

    The family that shoots together, stays together. :mrgreen:

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    yeah, .40 is only good for a major power factor.

    i've completely gotten over being a 9mm snob. it's cheap, light recoiling, reliable and accurate stuff. perfect for shooting games.

    i still look to .40 for zombie duty though. (cue syntax rolling eyes :roll: ) :D