With Respect To Steyr, Oliver and Gundaccar Wurmbrand

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by midtnshooter, Jan 22, 2007.

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    With respect to these individuals and Steyr,

    We have dropped the ball throughout our lives. Whether it was at the home when we should have been someplace special when we ended up somewhere else. Maybe it was at work and we let someone else down. Well, Stery Arms has dropped the ball. Many of us have sent emails to Steyr asking why they weren't there, maybe we even gave out critics best at what they lost. The most important thing is that we see what they will do from this point on. I use my M40 A-1 with great thrills. My grouping is tight, my recoil is limited. I have the most fun when I offer my fellow shooters my weapon when theirs fail from time to time. We don't know why they didn't show for "The Show", but they didn't. Grant it, it might have set them back a complete year. I feel trusted that someones head is on the line. If it isn't, it should be. The space should have been given up to someone else if they couldn't show. There should have been someone (anyone of us, in fact) who could have shown up with demos and literature for the ager to learn from. They could have just asked for help from the SteyrClub community. If I were (and I am not) the VP of marketing for Steyr, I would have Googled this site long before and have asked for assistance for marketing, research & development, as well as, CCW. H*ll, we have dropped the ball and were have been forgiven. They too have missed their chance for future sales in the US. All they have to do is ask for our help.

    Shoot Safe, Shoot Often and Keep my words in your sights.

    Thank you for letting me vent. My soap box is now closed. Take Care, MidTNShooter.

    Thank you Wulf and Armored!
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    My M40A1 is one of 2 weapons I am authorized to carry by my department.
    We shall see what happens.

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    While I agree with your sentiments what has become clear from word of some in the biz who were at the show is that they were prepared to display and do what was necessary and in their best interest. The problem was that there was a paperwork snafu (or lack of paperwork) and they had nothing left to do but withdraw. The neglect here wasn't one of desire but one in the area of technicalities and running afoul of import laws. They were up against the ATFE, and that is a losing proposition.

    I will continue to support Steyr as I can and hope that they are able to put this all behind them. I see significant new interest in these firearms and can only hope that Steyr chooses to continue in this market, one of great opportunity.

    We have been told via emails that it will be business as usual, so, I will take them at their word but will remain concerned.


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    Sounds like they run a close-to-the-vest operation there; and SAI and us may be last last to find out what is going on.
  5. Thats just crazy...why would the BATFE be giving Steyr Arms a hard time on paper work to bring firearms over for a gun show? Not like they would be selling them or even leaving them here in the US.

    This is petty politics at play with the Feds still holding a grudge over that whole Iran .50 caliber rifle deal that never went all the way through anyways.

    Total BS...the BATFE need to back off a little bit here. I don't see them giving FN that hard of a time.
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    I agree, but...

    I've had opportunity to deal professionally with the (then) BATF. They have very long memories and don't like to be messed with. You certainly don't go belly to belly with them as they will end up on top ten times out of ten.

    The BATFE never backs off. You play the game, jump through the hoops, or find another business.