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Tell us what your top 5 accessories that need to be made for the M and S are...

Examples would be grip plug for M's, rail adapters, mag loaders, etc.

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Definitely more marketing in North America. The U.S and Canada need sales reps and support for parts service and accessories. This firearm could shake the foundations of Glock if it were marketed properly, and potential buyers felt like they were buying a "complete package" which includes after sales support.
High-powered firing pin springs! Please! These light primer strikes are driving me nuts!
Check your striker. Does it appear to have a dome on it? If it doesn't, you may have a striker on which the tip of the pin is broken off.
Make sure that your striker channel is clean. Do not use a Qtip to clean it, they leave cotton lint. Use a rolled up coffee filter, or some other lint free material. If you use BreakFree or CLP or RemOil, wipe the striker off after lubing it. Extra lube in the channel can cause the striker to hydraulic (basically you're trying to compress a fluid - you can't), causing no strike or light strikes.

As for springs, you can purchase springs from Lee Springs. Just measure the wire diameter, the inside diameter of the spring and the outside diameter of the spring, don't forget the length. If you call them, they might even send you a sample.

Mag springs can be purchased from Wolff Gunsprings. The S&W Sigma springs fit perfectly and you can get a 5+ pound increase in strength.
I'll have to give a couple of those things a try. I left a thin film of oil on my striker, smeared on with the tip of my finger, so I don't think there is enough to obstruct the striker channel, and my gun is pretty new, so I doubt the striker is broken, but I did use a q-tip to wipe out the striker channel last time.

Either way, an extra-power firing pin spring would be a good thing to have.
Fiber optic front trap sight

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No the sights on the steyr at the best on the market. Quickest back on target I've found!!
NFLR. I agree promote the product my m9 is better then the g19 I Carried when I was a deputy, but very few people know about steyr. Better promotion, more product available, steyr would smoke glock. They are simply a better pistol.
I wish Steyr Arms did a better job advertising / promoting their guns. I'm amazed that so few people know how good they are.

For example, when you compare Steyr's print ads in the various gun magazines with the other major manufactures, the Steyr ads are lacking. SAI has the one black and white ad for the M9, which is not even noticeable. The SAI rifle ad with the soldiers is so dark in color it also does not pop on the page. SAI needs to improve its website too.

The products are fantastic but SAI has not done a sufficient job advertising and promoting them which is a 24/7 job. Cabelas discontinued selling the handguns because they were not selling. My Cabelas still sells the rifles.

Whenever I have someone shoot a Steyr handgun or AUG they love the gun. Steyr products should be more popular in the USA than they are.
Basic things like 357 Sig barrels. This is no big deal With the fact that 40 and 357 barrels are interchangeable and that the chammbers are supporeted to endure serious use. Add in that LE is dumping Glocks for wear, what the hell is your problem ? Is a few bucks too little to make and customer loyalty so little valued that you can't keep accesories around ? I an not concerned with items that I can pay to have fabricated. I am talking basic stuff. Why should I buy a rifle if you don't give a damm about my pistol ? After you bought it to market. I am frustrated.
I could have bought 2 1/2 Steyr S40-A1s for my Sig 239. They were designed for different missions - the Sig of course is DA/SA, though I use them interchangeably. The Sig and the Steyr are both rock solid, reliable and accurate after 100s of rounds. I find no fault in either. The Steyr has greater capacity and handles slightly "better". I am 100% confident in either platform. The Steyr is less expensive, has a better stock trigger, greater capacity and is lighter. Budget aside, the Steyr is a top drawer performance .40 carry gun. Highly recommended and I too am amazed they haven't got mainstream attention.
Extended magazines and mag wells. All the other brands offer this but unavailable for Steyr pistols.
Extended magazines and mag wells. All the other brands offer this but unavailable for Steyr pistols.
Ditto on the extended magazines. In particular the S9-A1 should have at least a 12 round magazine option, rather than the 10 round magazine, for those who live in states without magazine size restrictions, i.e., the large majority of the USA.

Steyr are you listening?
Couldn't you take apart and trim down the bottom of magazine follower a bit like mecgar does on the 15 rd sig 228 mags or some of their beretta mags?
Look up my post. Beretta magazine, cz75 follower works perfectly
10mm - an intelligent and versatile round, especially useful for those who spend time hunting or riding the trails

dump the loaded chamber indicator - It is just bad practice to rely upon a mechanism to check the chamber.

dump the on/off switch - Creates a bad assumption to flip a switch on a weapon and then consider it 'safe'. A novice may be inclined to reckless behavior.

standard sights - just my personal preference. A glowing dot up front and black rear (snag type) would be perfect.

That's my list Santa!
OD green, grey and FDE frames LIKE EVERYONE ELSE HAS!
An L5.56-A2 5" model :)
Removable metal frame components with the serial number so they can be swapped into different grip frames. (Ala Sig 320)
A cheap Steyr carbine capable conversion similar to the Hi-Point 995 where the long barreled pistol is within a plastic rifle frame.
So there!
Hi-cap magazines. If any 15-17 round mags show up on Gunbroker, they are priced at $50 and UP. Some are priced at $100. For Steyr to abandon the gen 3 and earlier pistols is downright shameful. I'm lucky that I am a .40 S&W fan. I can still find LEO mags at a reasonable price thst are brand new. There are a LOT of new M9-A1s on Gunbroker, but I won't buy one with the current mag situation. :(
1) Whenever I have someone shoot a Steyr handgun or AUG they love the gun.
Everyone who has shot or held my Euro S9 has liked it, especially me. I have had and carried it since '04 - my EDC piece. I have other pistols, but the S9 is my fave when I'm leaving the house.
2) Steyr pistols in .10mm, .45, etc. - oh my, yes!
3) Hi cap mags for the S9.
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