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Tell us what your top 5 accessories that need to be made for the M and S are...

Examples would be grip plug for M's, rail adapters, mag loaders, etc.

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Ditto the trap night sights. Even if they were just small tritium dots within the stock tri/traps, so that daytime sight would be the same and night sights would be the more traditional three-dot alignment in the dark.

That gets me thinking if maybe stock night sights would be easier to make than we originally thought......

I'd also love to see some sort of intergated laser availability, although I can't say I'd fork over the cash they seem to go for; could buy another Steyr and few mags for that price.

Grip plug would be cool from purely a looks standpoint.
GunTotinLiberal said:
Well it seems like we have a definite winner.

If anyone with connections or mechanical skill finds a way to keep the trap/tri sights and have nightsights installed consider me a willing and eager beta-tester!
Unfortunately, it seems that obtaining tritium capsules is near impossible for Joe Schmo. I emailed Trijicon about it, and have gotten no response yet. But it seems the only way to obtain it is for mass-produced consumer items. Since it is radioactive, it's restricted.

Still working on it, though. As I see it, if I can get my hands on some capsules, it would be a fairly simple process of drilling a few holes and epoxy-ing them in. Access to a drill press shouldn't be too hard (even if I had to buy the damn thing); I think the hardest part would be determining the actual sight picture and placing the holes properly in the sights so they line up well.

I'm still looking into it.
1 - 2 of 119 Posts
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