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Check your striker. Does it appear to have a dome on it? If it doesn't, you may have a striker on which the tip of the pin is broken off.
Make sure that your striker channel is clean. Do not use a Qtip to clean it, they leave cotton lint. Use a rolled up coffee filter, or some other lint free material. If you use BreakFree or CLP or RemOil, wipe the striker off after lubing it. Extra lube in the channel can cause the striker to hydraulic (basically you're trying to compress a fluid - you can't), causing no strike or light strikes.

As for springs, you can purchase springs from Lee Springs. Just measure the wire diameter, the inside diameter of the spring and the outside diameter of the spring, don't forget the length. If you call them, they might even send you a sample.

Mag springs can be purchased from Wolff Gunsprings. The S&W Sigma springs fit perfectly and you can get a 5+ pound increase in strength.
1 - 1 of 119 Posts
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