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Winchester Ranger cost

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Hello Gentleman,
I just purchased at 2 boxes of Winchester Ranger .40 165gr for $24.00 each. Couple questions: has anyone ever ordered from them and did I pay too much? Is there a better source to purchase this ammo? I've heard it is really good defensive ammo. Thanks. :)
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I think that has/had it for 12.99
Yep, cdnn is a lot cheaper...........but it isn't a magic bullet. There are a lot of good 40cal self defense rounds out there.......don't get too stuck on the hype.........Gold Dots, Federal, Corbon......lots and lots of good 40's.......
Even though it's about twice what you can get it for from CDNN, $24/box of 50 rounds still isn't a bad price. I got a case (10 boxes) of the 155 grain version from CDNN and it cost ~$153 delivered. It is some warm stuff, too!
I'm a fan of their 180gr. load in .40. I find the recoil to be no different from regular WWB 165gr. Gold Dots and Corbon always seem hot to me, but I've never thought Winchester Rangers were too bad (even their 127gr. +P+ in 9mm).
Thanks Gents. Learned my lesson. Will ask first the next time.

mod06 :oops:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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