Wife has been BIT!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by xjrat, Jan 15, 2007.

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    We went to the gun show yesterday just to get some ammo and some targets for me and my M40-A1. My wife just went along to hummor me and make sure I didn't spend to much money. At the end of the show we came apon a booth with a few guns one of wich was a PPK as I was explaining to her about BOND, James Bond I saw a P22 and asked to see it just to look at. I handed it to my wife and :idea: it went off... Her Eyes 8-O I LOVE IT was what I could discern from the squeals and squeeks she was making. With her very very small hands it was a PERFACT fit. That did it, she was officially bit by THE BUG she got an evil look :twisted: and the next words out of her mouth as she looked at the price was "I think we could do this" at the same time she reached for the credit card... I was jumping for JOY and wasn't about to question the price. I was all over that. Even if it was $1000 I didn't want to discourage her in any way. Now she is on cloud nine! She now knows what AGONY I just went through for the 10 days when I got my first gun 2 months ago.
    Thank you All for your help I was able to spot the walther and new when I picked it up to show her that it is a good gun. So now I have my M40-A1(BOY GUN) and she has her P22(Girl GUN) and if we put them them together in a dark room and turn on some mood music I am hoping that they will breed and we can get more guns!!!
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    congrats on the purchase glad the suggestion paid off.
    check out rimfire central walther section they have all sorts of info to keep p22's running.


    tempted to get one myself though its bit too small for my hands.

    be sure to stock up on cci minimags some cci velocitors


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    Lucky dog.
    Maybe if you leave them in the dark room you will wind up with a PPK.
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    Dang! I did the same thing to my wife when we went to Turner's. :lol: I showed it to her and let her hold it for a while. :twisted: A few minutes later, she bought it. :) Then I went and got my M9. :D