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Why do they call it a DA trigger?

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Regarding the M series, why do they call it a DA trigger?

I am new to steyr handguns, and love my M9 thus far, but I am curious about the trigger system. Clearly it is not a tradional DA or DAO trigger. The trigger wieght is impossibly light and short to be actually drawing the hammer/striker back. This is obviously done during the cycling of the slide, which would make the M series a SA trigger, or something similar.

I hear it described (including by the manufacturer) as a double action trigger, but this can not be the case, at least not in the traditional sense. So what is the explanation?
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Racking the slide does not FULLY precock the striker. IIRC it precocks to approx 72%(or there abouts), this is said by Steyr, to not be enough to ignite a round should the sear somehow slip or malfunction. Only by virtue of pulling the trigger rearward to complete the cocking action can a round be fired. Similar to the Glock, but having more precock, hence a better trigger(in my opinion.)
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