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Why do they call it a DA trigger?

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Regarding the M series, why do they call it a DA trigger?

I am new to steyr handguns, and love my M9 thus far, but I am curious about the trigger system. Clearly it is not a tradional DA or DAO trigger. The trigger wieght is impossibly light and short to be actually drawing the hammer/striker back. This is obviously done during the cycling of the slide, which would make the M series a SA trigger, or something similar.

I hear it described (including by the manufacturer) as a double action trigger, but this can not be the case, at least not in the traditional sense. So what is the explanation?
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bigtaco said:
the gun range i frequent routinely refers to the glock action as a one and a half action gun. (the half being the 50% precock) this can be very confusing to newcomers but might more accurately describe the action.

this would make a steyr a 1.28 action gun because we're 72% pre-cocked and that much closer to striker release. which can support the idea that the steyr is in fact closer to a single action than a double action.

however, pulling the striker rearwards before it strikes is the definitition of double action.
by that definition though there would be very few true dual action striker pistols. the only one i can think of is the FN Forty Nine
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