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Why a Steyr?

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Hey Folks,

What makes a Steyr pistol different from its competition?

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For a casual shooter like me, it fits my hand better, and it is a pleasure to shoot-- it doesn't jump around, and the short trigger reset allows for quick repeat shots. Compared to a Glock, it is a lot smoother. Disadvantage-- it doesn't shoot all the brands of cheap ammo(but mine loves Blazer aluminum case), and it requires more frequent cleaning.
I am sure if you take time to browse around the site , you will find more technical information. Don't be put off by people asking for advice with problems-- you get two general categories of thread here:
1 People like me who have never had a problem and are looking for info on things like shooting form or maintenance.
2. People who are asking for help with problems. Because this site has a well-deserved reputation for providing help, problems will inevitably end up here.
If you don't own a Steyr, You might try to borrow or rent one to see if you like it.
Thanks Alagator,

I'm the proud owner of a S9. But my experience with autos is limited to my 1911. I was curious to know how the Steyr compares with guns I haven't shot like Glocks, Sigs, HKs, etc.

BTW, I'm in B'ham also. Where do you shoot?

A pretty common line you hear when discussing Steyrs is that the trigger "is everything a Glock should be". Alagator summed up the pro's/con's of Glock and Steyr already.

With regard to HK, I am also an HK USPc .45 owner and if push came to shove and I had to return one of the pistols, my M9A1 would still have a spot in my safe. I think the guns are absolutely comparable in quality, but the Steyr's trigger infinitely better and is, overall, more fun to shoot.

In the Sig vs. Steyr debate, I would unfortunately have to give the hats off to Sig. I like my Sig more than my Steyr, but it's all a matter of personal preference.

I think Steyr is about the best bang for the buck combo on the market today. Any time someone wants a helluva pistol without breaking the bank, the M-A1 series is my first recommendation.

And our little community is growing - ever since Steyr Arm's advertising campaign in NRA magazine publications, it seems like Steyrs come up almost weekly on the 6 other firearm forums I frequent. I'm a firm believer that Steyr will achieve the same brand familiarity as the other big boys you mentioned in the next few years... Keep your fingers crossed :wink:
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I love the Steyr.
It fits my hand better than almost any other handgun. I have small hands and have trouble with trigger reach and the grip around most double stack weapons. The short reset and trigger reach are condisive to folks with small hands.

I can shoot the Steyr better than almost any other handgun. I can get followups faster as the bore axis is very low so muzzle flip is reduced. Felt recoil is also reduced in my hands.

It is a high quality weapon with a great trigger
What they said...... :D

And......we have a total of 5 Sterys. Other guns ( some 2 to 3 times the price) are here and available...but, when we are serious about shooting...the Steyrs come out and the others are napping in the safe. The trigger is great...the fit to a small hand is perfect......and the best part is you can shoot the damn thing 'til you run out of ammo and not be beaten up :!:
My Glock 19 is now a SHTF bag gun, having been replaced by the M9 as my primary carry gun. Very cleverly thought out (except for LCI) and actually is the evolution of the Glock 19.
To me, it's the build quality. Full metal slide rails versus plastic w/metal coating on the Glock. Little enhancements that make it a better gun (and yet cheaper in price).

Now, the newer Springfields are taking on the Glock pretty well, but I don't like the feeling of them - high bore axis doesn't feel as good to me.

The 111 degree Steyr grip angle takes a little getting used to - it will be annoying an throw you off for the first couple range trips (for instance, if I shoot my Sig 228 and swtich to the M9, lining up the first couple shots takes a little adjustment).

An older M9 can be had for $200-300 dollars out the door. That's hard to beat.
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