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Who Would Like an AUG-A3?

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How many people on this forum would seriously consider buying an AUG-A3 if a semi-automatic version was made available for civilian purchase?

I have been looking through the internet for any information I can find on this weapon and would defintely be willing to buy one if they are made available.
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Yeah, I would love to have an FN2000, G-36K, and AUG A3.
Well, I've heard now for awhile that HK was planning on building a plant in the United States in order to make sale of their XM-8 to the United States Military. Anyone know if HK plans on making other weapons within the US or making the XM-8 available as a semi-auto for civilians?
Couldn't Steyr sell the right to produce AUGs in the United States to a Domestic company? Not talking about a large factory to turn out thousands of rifles as would be required to fulfill a military contract or large LEO contract, but a factory capable of limited annual production. Seems like that could be possible.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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