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I'm debating buying an extended, ported (maybe comp'ed) match barrel for my M9-A1, anyone know who makes/sells them? (I know Steyr offers threaded replacement barrels but I haven't seen what I'm looking for from Steyr)
I've checked with;
BarSto (they said "no")
StormLake (they said "no")
EFK Firedragon (waiting on call-back)

Anyone know of a comp that makes barrels for the M-A1's???
Every one of those manufactures mentioned are garbage compared to a factory Steyr barrel,maybe BarSto is decent, owned them all for my glocks and 1911s, got rid of them to mall ninjas, you could probably do a blue print for barrel from engineer and see if Steyr would produce, I know from my blueprinted rifles, barrels, bolts, can run some serious dollars, but if you have deep pockets, any thing can be done.
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