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Who has new sights on their Steyr

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I am planning on taking a Advanced carry class in June, and will be using my S9 as my carry gun. I am thinking about trying some differant sights before I head to the class.

Has anyone tried new sights?? What do you like?
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I very much agree that T/T night sights would be a great idea (could tritium capsules be fashioned in the correct shapes, or would we be talking about conventional sights with embedded luminous dots?).

I've thought about this, and have come up with a sub-optimal, but possibly viable stop-gap; I found this ( site with what appears to be high quality phosphorescent paints, and have ordered a small quantity (I got the first one, the Commercial Grade Green Glow), to carefully dab over the sights' triangle and lines (and maybe the safety indicator dots as well...hell, maybe even the sides of the loaded chamber indicator...but I digress).

Obviously, it couldn't help but have less stamina than tritium, and it's an open question whether it'll dull the appearance of the sights in those lower-light-but-not-quite-dark conditions where that pristine white is so vivid. But it could be better than nothing (though, admittedly, it could also be worse than nothing if it doesn't live up to its claims and I'm in a position to rely on it in some dark, dodgy place). In any case, the paint should arrive in a few days, and I'll pass along my experience if anyone's interested.

And, if I can be forgiven for straying a pace off the path, I just wanted to share that, as of this past wednesday, 4/13, I am the proud owner of an M9!! It is my very first firearm, and I do believe I got a fairly decent deal (pre-owned {though if it was ever actually fired, then it was maintained by an obsessive-compulsive of the most admirable caliber!}, with a standard mag and one high {14}-cap, for just over $300, after all fees and taxes). I have yet to fire it (itch...itch), due to my batty schedule, but I'm sure I'll have much to say after I first perforate paper!

Stay tuned.......
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FlaChef said:
congrats and welcome, we look foward to your first range report almost as much as I know you look foward to your first range visit.

My M40 was also my first gun 8)
Thanks, 'Chef (shades of "South Park" there)! I'm still reeling from the fact that I actually own a pistol; still seems a little abstract, after all the gun research I've been doing, the mental indoctrination into the ethic of gun safety...all without an actual gun (except for the many rentals at the range...but I had to keep giving those back! :( ).

Anyway, back on topic: I'm curious what folks think of the glow paint notion. Has anyone else tried this? It seems so intuitive (if, again, imperfect) a fix to me, but I keep wondering if this is a well-known folly which people are just being too polite to chide me on....
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