Who else hates the "hump" on the back of grip?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Nov 18, 2006.

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    I don't think this is discussed much but it can't just be me that finds the "hump" annoying. I'm talking about the area where your web sits on top when you're holding the M9 or S9. The grip relief cut gives a nice high hold on the gun, yet Steyr just had to make the transition so abrupt. The base of my thumb, where my bone is, tends to bump right against that hump and this is the worst grip I could imagine. Surely my hand isn't unique. I don't have an issue with other guns such as Glock, Sig, or HKs.

    I am not sure why Steyr chose to do it this way, I could see they kept the area for inserting the shoulder stock, but they could've lowered the relief cut half an inch, or at least make the transition less radical. It could be so much better. I'm thinking if I can somehow make the humpe smaller so my hand can wrap around it better. Has anyone done any mods on the grip?
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    If your first thumb knuckle is getting beat up under recoil then you need to adjust your grip.
    This used to happen to me until someone showed me a proper grip. That area needs to be firmly in the webbing of your fingers between thumb and trigger finger. You should be able to draw a straightline from your muzzle tip to your elbow.
    If you have your wrist straightened out then you are not getting best recoil control (and a sore thumb).

    Sticky on Proper grip at top of this forum, as well as in tactics and training forum have excellent picturials, as does http://www.corneredcat.com

    The extent to which that area is cut out on Steyrs is what allows the high grip and also makes trigger reach shorter than most other similar sized guns. A1 the transition area is not quite as severe though.
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    Like Chef said, pivot the grip in your thumbweb a few degrees to miss your thumb joint. You will note a satisfying “set” feeling as the backstrap nestles into the soft tissue. If you look at the alignment of the slide, you will see that it lines up with your extended index finger. The Steyr is designed to settle into a very natural pointing position.
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    I see, the grip change does seem to help. The only issue is that my grip feels rather "slippery", it's not nearly as firm of a grip as I like on the hand. My fingers can't curl over enough to keep the gun firmly in hand. maybe that's an issue with grip size.
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    your fingers will get used to it and develop a whole other set of muscles to control the gun this way.

    i hated the hump at first too, but after rotating my grip as described above, have no discomfort. even after 200 rounds from an s40.
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    I like the Hump. :p
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    I filled the hump in with epoxy when i first got the gun. But I found the recoil increased so I tremmeled it out......Now I like it much better......