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Do you plan on alot of walking????????

If your hunting style involves walking a lot then I'd go with the lighter one, every ounce makes a difference. I think the heavier police barrel looks sweeter though IMHO.


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I would suggest handling both before deciding on either rifle...I don't know if I could get used to the double trigger on the SSG. All of my rifles have a single trigger and I am not only comfortable with that set up, but it might change my shooting if I bought a rifle with a double trigger. I know some of the SSG's offer a single trigger as well. I have the SBS and I like that rifle a lot. I never shot the SSG, so I could not give you any input...I'm sure it's a quality rifle.

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i bought the sbs tactical. See Photo Gallery.
great weapon. my set up:

Steyr SBS Tactical HB .308
Millett Harris Bipod Adaptors
Accu-Shot Monopod
TIS M-24 Sling (black)
9"-13" Harris Bipod (swivel type)
Karsten's Kydex Adjustable Cheek Rest
Steyr 20 MOA one piece Picatinny Base
USO 30mm XL Rings
USO Ring Mounted Cant Indicator
Nightforce NXS 3.5x15 56mm Scope
Butlercreek Flip-up Scope Covers
Blackhawk Scope Cover (green)
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