Which Night Sights Option?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Auburn, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Auburn

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    I'm close to ordering PT sights, but I can't decide which design I should get. I'm leaning towards double-bar WO because it is similar to my Glock sights, but the 2-dot bar is also tempting.

    I know these will work great at night, but I also want a good sight picture in daylight.

    Comments from you guys that have already bought them????

  2. Thunderbear

    Thunderbear Member

    Hopefully they'll only have your slide for a week, a little over a month, and I still don't have mine. :roll:

    I went with the 2 dot bar, in green/green/green.

  3. ScottW

    ScottW Guest

    I've got some PT sights, and posted pics a while back in a couple of the PT threads. If you can't find 'em I can dig up the link. I have the 2 Dot Bar configuration in orange/green, but go with whatever you think will work for you. But yeah, you do have to consider what they'll look like in daylight. With my config, the tritium vials form a standard 3-dot pattern on post & notch sight bodies. The front post fills up enough of the rear notch that there's not a lot of daylight on either side of it, which is good for precision. Granted, the post is thick enough that you probably won't hold 1" groups at 25 yards, but my groups are definitely tighter than I got with the tri/traps. Here's a target from my last range trip, 30 rounds of WWB at 10 yards.


    T-bear, a month is a little long. Got mine in 9 days turnaround, transit time included. Might wanna give them a call.
  4. Wulf

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    Nice shootin', Scott! :)

    Hey, ya got any targets from you're ol' tri-trap days to compare?...10 yards...30 rounds? I'd like to get an idea of how much better the PT Night Sights can make me shoot at short range. What happens at 20 yards? PM me if ya like with the info. Thanx and hava great day. :)

  5. ScottW

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    Sorry, I don't save paper that old. Actually, I did get pretty satisfactory performance with the tri/traps right before I got rid of them, although it took me a lot of practice to get decent with them. The main reason I switched them out was because they aren't night sights, not because I shot that poorly with them. My accuracy improvement with the PTs was significant though, not knock-your-socks-off difference, but it was definitely noticeable. A nice little bonus with the new night sights.

    The longest I shoot with the M9 at the indoor ranges is 15-20 yards. At 15 yards the groups open up a bit but not too bad, but at 20 yards I'm getting a little more spread than I'd like for the size target I have. But I print up all my targets on 8.5x14 inch paper, and I want zero chance that I'll miss high and rico off the target hanger. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I wish some of the newbs at the range would exercise similar restraint! I modified my Ruger Mk II with some more precise target sights (1/16" front bead) and when I shoot that I'll run the target all the way out to 70-75 feet. Now, at that range the PT's front post covers up most of my paper and I'll have a few rounds miss off to either side of the page. Still, the paper is smaller than a man's torso, so I'd say the PT's are probably combat accurate at that distance. There's a place about 30 minutes away that has 25 and 50 yard stands on the pistol range. Been meaning to take the M9 out there but haven't gotten around to it yet.