which ccw holster to buy under $100.00

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by sewerman, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. sewerman

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    Greetings fellow steyr followers.

    i have had my ccw permit for a month now and haven't purchased a holster.

    i'm leaning towards a sob style since i ride both a bicycle and motorcycle 90% of the time, i do very little setting and think the iwb will cut into my side and be uncomfortable?

    so..i have looked at crossbreed and that brand looks good and is a bargain as compared to other makers.

    so my fellow steyroids......what should i do? :wink:
  2. FightDesigner

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    Don't have a real answer for you, but I will just mention that several times I've seen someone driving a motorcycle down the highway (especially of the 'crotch rocket' variety), jacket billowing up behind them in the wind, and handgun hanging out for all to see.

    Would probably suck to wipe out and fall on that too, with that hunk of metal right on top of some pretty important vertebrae.

    This from someone who hardly ever carries, though, so take it with a couple grains of salt and a wedge of lime.

  3. FlaChef

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    Any kind of fall (from bike or even slipping on wet floor at store) can be VERY bad if you have a hunk of metal against your spine.

    COB holsters are not very popular for this reason.

    IWB's can be worn as far back as about 4:30 or even 5:00ish.
  4. sewerman

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    SOB,COB holsters

    never thought about the slip fall risk.
    thanks for the imput.
    will look at highnoon holsters i believe they are made in florida.
    though i will still consider crossbred iwb style.

    thanks to all !
  5. ScottW

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    When I carry my Mak in an IWB holster, it's usually in the 4:00-4:30 position or thereabouts. I have small love handles and if I wear it at 3:00 the gun digs in just enough to make it uncomfy. The only guy I know who carries while riding his motorcycle, he carries a Kel-Tec (either a P32 or P3AT, don't remember) zipped in his front jacket pocket. Gun doesn't print at all through the leather jacket. And it seems to me that would be much less likely to cause injury if you ever lay your bike down compared to carrying SOB.
  6. DKHAN

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    When I ride I use a shoulder holster or a fanny pack.
  7. jnclement

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    I've been really pleased with my Grandfather Oak, especially for the price.
  8. Guest

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    I've been looking around for one, too, and agree that the High Noon holsters offer some nice options. I'm pretty much sold on this one:

    http://www.highnoonholsters.com/Product ... _gate.html

    I'll probably order it next week -- I'll post up with an opinion if I get it.

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    IWB holster

    I don't ride a motorcycle but Andrews Custom Leather Holsters in Florida makes an excelent IWB holster for under 100. The Mc Daniels 2 version has a steel rienforced to and an optional perspiration gaurd and a choice of a retention strap or no strap.

    Would smart carry or imitation smart carry work on a bike?
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