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Where to get the night sights installed?

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I've asked a few of my local gunsmiths about having the tritium nightsights installed that are currently being offered as a group-buy, but no one seems to be able to do it. They have all told me that they don't have the equipment to install them on a Steyr - usually just for glocks, hks, and sigs. Anyone know of any gunsmiths in the dallas/ft. worth area who could provide the service?
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And does any of the Glock or Sig installation tools work for the Steyr?? If not which one does??
When I had my night sights installed on my M40 the gunsmith at Gandor Mountain told me he could do it because they were standard "DOVE TAIL" type sights and that they were fitted the same as Glocks. I believe he used Glock Tools to install the sights and he did a GREAT job.

My advice, would be to take the Steyr M40 to your local Gunsmith and show him the sights and he should recognize that they are standard "dove tail" sights. However, if he doesn't recognize that they are standards "dove tail" sights than I would look for someone who knows what they are doing a little better.

Just FYI I ended up paying $30.00 for the installation and it took about a week for me to get my pistol back after having taken it in.

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According to the group buy organizer (Jeff aka jng1226), if you buy their sights PT will install them for FREE, you just have to pay to ship your slide there & back. Jeff posted this info in a follow-up post in the group buy thread. Sounds like a great deal to me, assuming you don't
have to use an FFL to receive the slide back from PT (?) I've never shipped just a slide, and it does have the serial number on it. But I think it's only the frame that's considered to be "the gun." Anybody care to confirm or deny this? Heck, even if I have to pay my FFL it's only $15, still cheaper than having the sites installed by a smith.
No FFL dealer is required to ship the slide or have it returned to you.
If a firearm is shipped to an FFL for repair or other service no FFL is needed either.

If you ship a gun to Steyr for repair thay can receive it and ship it back to you.
If a gun is sent to someone like Tripp Research for re finishing, no FFL is needed.

Only if OWNERSHIP of the firearm changes does an FFL sometimes have to be involved. Pretty much the same as having a car serviced, you don't re title a car when you drop it for service ( that's actually the analogy used by a congressman when the instant check stuff started)

An example would be a pawn shop, if you pawn a handgun and then redeem it, you need to re fill out a 4473. ATF considers this a change in ownership.
Thanks ScottW,

He is absolutely correct. Our contact at PT Night Sights, Jerrie Ling ([email protected]) did say that they will install the sights for free as long as you pay for shipping the SLIDE ONLY to and back from PT Night Sights.

As was stated before, the slide does not require shipping through an FFL and Madecov makes some excellent points in the previous post. Trust him - he's an LEO and would be the guy to know! Just make sure you insure it *just in case* your package is the one in a million that actually gets lost.

I'm shipping my M9 and S9 slides as soon as I get back later this week for Green Tritium Bar/Dot with white outline night sight sets. I am going to use a toothpick to apply high-visibility paint (white or fluorescent) to the front sight around the Tritium vial and finally have a set of kick-ass sights that I feel confident carrying concealed. I'll take pictures and post them when they are finished.

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