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Where do I polish my extractor?

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Both my M9 and my S9 have been failing to extract lately in addition to always having erratic ejection. I have always detail stripped my Steyrs and have always cleaned the extractor and its hole very well.

I read a post recently where the author mentioned that he polished his extractor and his Steyr now works great.

Where do I polish the extractor? I have a dremel tool to do the job but I'm just wondering if it needs to be polished on the sides that contact the inside of the extractor hole? Does it need to be polished on the actual extractor "hook"? I guess it couldn't hurt to polish the entire extractor and lubricate it a little. Any info would be great so I can get my Steyrs to be reliable like they used to be.
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I think they were refering to the hook itself. If it is rough then it will not easily pop over the rim of the casing and grab onto it causing a FTE when fired. It will also cause erratic ejections if it does grab onto it.

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