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Where Best To Purchase Online Bullet Components for 357 SIG

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Howdy All :)

I was getting my bullets through Wideners, but they've discontinued their line of Master Match for the 357 SIG. I guess they spoiled me at $5/100 cnt and I can't bring myself to buy at twice that for most of the major manufacturers, i.e. Hornady, Speer, and Sierra at more than twice that. Does anyone know where I can purchase 125 gr - 147 gr 0.3555-0.356 dia bullets in bulk for closer to $5/100cnt? Plz let me know. Thanx alot.

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Midway USA has very good prices on components, powder and primers. Try them.
checks the website of X-treme bullets. they make good bullets according to what i've heard. It claims they're better than Rainier.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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