Where are the bargain shooting ranges?

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by cutter, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. cutter

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    I find it interesting that the cost of shooting at gun ranges varies widely state-to-state. I prefer to shoot at an outdoor range, and living in Chicago, I find the Illinois ranges to be expensive and almost all have hourly rates. However, I can drive about an hour into Indiana and pay $4 to shoot all day at an excellent, well monitored outdoor range in Kingsbury. This range, as well as a number of other bargain ranges, are run by the Indiana Dept of Natural Resources.

    It gets even more interesting. When my dad passed I inhereted his home in Houston. We go to this "second home" a few times each year. Yet shooting ranges in Texas are as expensive, or more expensive, than in the Chicago area. I believe this may be because range owners may contribute to politicians to keep the cost of shooting ranges high in Texas. Go figure!
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    Well, for one, you just changed from Chicago to little Chicago in Texas.

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    Here in Ohio I buy a yearly pass for $24.... I can shoot as much as I want all year long. The range is also a half hour from my house... I'm not sure how many the state has....