whats your pet load for your m40a1?

Discussion in 'Ammunition and Reloading' started by doctordoctor, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. doctordoctor

    doctordoctor New Member

    I have a bunch or Oregon trail cast bullets anyone have load they use with casts bullets? I have plenty of 231 on hand. Let me know your loads! Thanks
  2. MrApathy

    MrApathy Active Member

    you forgot the bullet weight. I dont recall if I shot lead in 40sw I know I shot plated in 165/180gr mostly I shot FMJ in 180gr.

  3. ETH77

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    I reload for sport with 185 gr. Precision Bullets, 5.7 gr WST, Winchester or Wolf primers. This shoots very softly, gets about 970 fps to make USPSA Major.

    For my Hornady 155 gr. XTP, it's 6 gr. of 800X - don't go over 6 gr of 800X, you'll get flattened primers. Make sure to check each cartridge load for powder weight on a balance. 800X doesn't meter real well through my powder throw, so I weight each load individually to be sure that it's right. If you don't, you run the risk of a KABOOM! I'm not interested in being in a youTube video on how not to do it.

    TRY THESE LOADS AT YOUR OWN RISK! I carefully walked up to them.