What's on your gun rack?

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by Netfotoj, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Netfotoj

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    Got a new gun rack from Midway for my birthday so I finally got all my long guns out of the closet and up on the wall.

    Here it is:


    Here's the lineup, top to bottom with a few comments added:

    Winchester Model 55 .22 cal. Single-shot, auto-eject rifle
    Oddity passed down from my dad to me. Trap-door in top of chamber folds down to allow loading, then blow-back ejection spits out empty shell casing through hole in bottom of stock. Don't shoot it while holding off hand over hole in stock or it will hand you a hot one! No serial number. Strangest Winchester I ever saw.

    Springfield/J. Stevens Arms 12 ga. Double-barrel shotgun
    Only shotgun my daddy left when he died. He sold or gave away all his other guns and kept this one for whatever. Not worth much but to me -- priceless. I had it reblued as it was pretty well-worn.

    Winchester Model 190 .22 cal. Semi-auto rifle
    Another rifle my daddy gave me. Good, all-purpose gun, scope and rings bought but not yet installed.

    Ithaca Model 37 12 ga. Pump shotgun, 18.5” barrel
    This was my hunting gun and after I got too old to hunt I had the barrel bobbed off to a barely legal riot gun.

    Remington Model 742 30'06 cal. semi-auto rifle with Bushnell 3x9 telescopic sight
    My latest buy, to which I added the 10-round mags and sling. Saving to stock up on 30'06 mil surplus ammo.

    So what's on your gun rack? What stories do your long guns have to tell? I got all day. Fill me in with details. :mrgreen:

    While I'm bragging, here's a photo of my newly reorganized gun room/home office. First the gun stuff.


    And here's my home office, PC at left, ancient 1996 Mac clone at right. Look close at the PC monitor and you might see a familiar image showing on my screensaver program.


    Gotta go, that cold liquid in the mug on my desk is getting warm. Write when you can. :mrgreen:
  2. heavymetalmachine

    heavymetalmachine New Member

    Ok nice set up you got there..

    I would like to post pic's of mine but I am moving and the are unavailable :cry:

    I can tell fine folks what I got.

    1 Rugar 12/22 wood with blue. It has a Simmons 3X9 scope.

    2 An OLD Marlin 30/30 Glenfeild model. With a Tasco 3X9 scope.

    3 A Stevens model 5100 dbl barrel. It's been chopped to a nice 18.5 in :lol:

    4 A Rugar single six .22 but it is a 22mag with a fluted cylinder. I wrote to Rugar about that and they have no records of a revolver like it. They asked me to send it in but I chose not to..

    5 Now for my favorite my RIA Tactical in .45 acp...

    I can post some pic's of my set up so here they are..



    And now for a frosty beverage :shock:



    Thanks for looking....

  3. babj615

    babj615 Premium Member

    Nice setup heavy Metal!!!

    Love the heat vent placement... Keeps you nice and cozy at the desk during the cold days?????

    ...and nice fridge setup also.... Keeps you nice and cool on the hot days, eh????

    :wink: :wink:

    Ill be right over!!!
  4. heavymetalmachine

    heavymetalmachine New Member


    I made it myself.

    I like the vent best in the summer it gets hot here in tn :shock:

    And I have to go for the plug as you can see I have a few mint new unopened big box Quake one pc games for sale. Send me a pm.. :wink: :wink:
  5. xjrat

    xjrat Premium Member

    So heavymetal when you wear your skirt I bet you get one heck of a draft from the vent :lol:
  6. heavymetalmachine

    heavymetalmachine New Member

    No nono no it's not the skirt that gets me :lol: It's when I can't sleep and I get up at 3am in my boxers to check the Steyr site :shock: :lol:
  7. mugdava

    mugdava Premium Member

    Hey Netfotoj!

    I've gotta couple of long guns, but no pics. Well, here goes:

    1) Ruger 10/22 carbine w/ a Bushnell Trophy red dot sight
    I bought this rifle about 10 years ago to replace my first rifle, a 10/22 from 1974.

    2) SKS
    I also thought SKS's looked kinda cool and Turners had a good price, $100(10 years ago!)

    3) Ruger Mini-30
    This was bought when the SKS and 10/22 were purchased. Everyone I knew had a Mini-14, I just wanted to be different. :roll:

    4) Remington 700 (.22-250) w/ Leupold 3x9
    This is one of my legacy guns, left to me by my Dad. This was actually His favorite rifles purchased in 1974.

    5) Remington 700 (.243win) w/ Bushnell 3x9
    This gun also belonged to my Dad! It sat behind some old appliances for 20 years waiting for me to find! :eek: In perfect condition.

    6) Remington 1100 (12 gauge)
    Another legacy gun from Pops! Automatic shotguns are a real gas and this is no exception. It hadn't worked for years, so I took it to my local Smith and now it's great skeet gun.

    7) Remington 870 Marine Magnum (12 gauge)
    Purchased a year or two ago, this thing is water resistant and is an awesome utility gun. I just need to put a Knox Stock on it! :twisted:

    8] Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM II w/ camo stock, Eotech 552-a65, GG&G accucam & vertical grip
    This thing just simply rocks! Kinda heavy, but my choice for a SHTF scenario! :twisted:

    9) Fulton Armory FAR-308(AR-10) un-built lower receiver. my next long gun project!
    I'm lookin' for DPMS upper w/ a 20-24" bull barrel. This is gonna be for reaching out and touching something.

    I've got more pistols than long guns! :shock:

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Pour moi:
    Springfield M1-A 18" Bush Rifle .308
    WASR-10 AK 7.62 Soviet
    Browning A-Bolt Medallion .300 Win Mag
    Benelli M3 Super 90 12 ga semi
    S&W 916A 12 ga pump
    Jager AP-74 .22LR
    Survival Arms AR-7 .22LR
    Rossi 92 lever gun .45Colt
    Winchester 94 large loop lever .30-30
  9. bigtaco

    bigtaco Active Member

    when i think "gun rack" i think pickup truck.

    and when i'm trolling the highways for whitetails, you'll find a remington 1100 in the window of my truck.

    i got all excited one day to trade it in on a benelli sbe2. that morning i dropped a 4 point with one shot. in the same afternoon i dropped a 120 pound doe at 90 yards... with 2 3/4" OO buck.

    i decided nothing would performed better, even if an italian guy did make it and forgot about trading it in.

    by the way, these sort of shenanigans are legal in north carolina where they transpired, lest any of our members be pennsylvania game commission officers.

    that 1100 is atleast 40 years old, has been reparkerised twice since being in my care, and has never... ever... not once malfunctioned with any load light or heavy.

    even the #9 shot super light powder shells i loaded up when i was a dumb kid or the 3" magnum shells i threw through it to prove to an obstreperous father that the ejection port was long enough to clear them... as long as you plug one of the gas ports with a toothpick.

    i couldn't ask for more from a shotgun and when the SHTF... that's the only gun i NEED.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    I'm feeling like some kind of Saiga needs to be added to my group.
  11. heavymetalmachine

    heavymetalmachine New Member

    What happened to your pic's ?????

    Hoping for a better pic of your Ithaca 37 featherweight.

    Did you have a bead sight installed after the cutting ?????? Or was there one in the middle like on my Steavens????
  12. Netfotoj

    Netfotoj Premium Member

    Sorry about the photos. When I changed domains, all the photos I uploaded here at Steyrclub (and anywhere else on the 'Net) disappeared because they're all linked to my old site. As I run across them on threads, I'm editing image urls to bring them back up. Only difference is a "w" in the image url as in johnmyers.com vs. johnwmyers.com, but that's enough. A bit of aggravation, but the other John Myers paid for my aggravation so I ain't complaining. :mrgreen:

    Here's the Ithaca 37 with a shell holder I picked up recently.

    And here's a closeup of the business end with a plain brass bead front sight I had installed by the gunsmith after he turned her into a riot gun.

    Originally it had an orange hi-viz front sight, but I figured the brass bead is plenty good enough. Don't do a lot of aiming with a riot gun. Just throw down and let 'er rip! :twisted:
  13. heavymetalmachine

    heavymetalmachine New Member


    Thats just what I needed..

    I can't seem to find one with a vent ribbed barrel in my $ range..

    I just gotta get one :wink:
  14. Buzz

    Buzz Premium Member

    Everything I have is in a new Cannon American Eagle AE31 30 cubic foot safe. In long guns it's holding:

    DPMS AR 15 Tuber with additional Bushmaster AK Shorty Upper
    PTR91 K
    Century Cetme Sporter
    Century Fal (R1A1 FAL)
    Bushmaster M17S
    Saiga S20
    Saiga .223
    Saiga .308
    WASR 10
    Beretta CX4 (.40S&W)
    SKS (Yugo, heavily modified)
    Soon a Mauser K98 (on layaway)

    For long guns I'm out of room.

  15. mrboma

    mrboma Member

    Since I don't have a gun rack (probably illegal in California anyway :D ) I thought I would pull out the long ones for a photo. I am a few short of my intended collection and will most likely have to move out next to babj to complete it.

    On to what I have now...


    From the top:

    Winchester 1300 Stainless Marine 12 guage- Houge Overmolded Tacticle Stock (2 inches shorter than the orginal allowing the wife ALOT more control if the SHTF - Pistol Grip Folding Stock not shown (my favorite))

    Remington 11-87 Special Purpose 12 guage - My skeet gun and an absolute joy to shoot! The weight takes care of almost all the recoil and the handling for me is very fast and dead on.

    Browning BAR Safari 7mm Rem Mag- Quick detach swivel bi-pod (perfect for prone position shooting) and some work on the trigger. This is by FAR my favorite rifle I have ever shot (and one of my dream guns). Amazingly low recoil and with one up the pipe you've got 4 rounds of 7mm Mag ready to go. This rifle is far more accurate than I am at this point and anything within 500 yrds should probably take cover.

    Ruger 10/22 KT Stainless - Browning bi-pod and Target Sports multi-recticle Reflex Sight. This is the top of the line 10/22 Ruger kicks out and the fit and finish are incredible. 5 rounds @ 50 yrds inside a nickle all day long. I plan on putting some mods into this one but for now its stock.

    That's it for now.
  16. Luke2209

    Luke2209 Guest

    Remington 1100 20 gauge
    Mossberg 835 12 gauge with a Kicks Mod chock (green plastic)
    Benelli Nova 12 gauge
    American Arms Over and Under Waterfowl 10 gauge
    Marlin M99A1 22.cal with a Leopold 4X scope (one of Dad’s hand me downs)
    Bushmaster Varminter .223 cal. with Leopold VX-III 8.5-24X50mm scope, Tactical Grip, Command Arms tactical butt stock with battery compartment, Command Arms Adjustment Check rest
    Mauser 7.92x57mm (gift from when Grandpa severed in WWII)
    Marlin 444 with a Burris red dote scope
    Steyr Prohunter Mountain .270 cal. with Leupold Vari-X III illuminated reticle 4.5-14X50mm
    Steyr M357-A1 BT's Guide Rod

    My Three FAVs.
    http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll73 ... 9/Favs.jpg