what's BT been up to?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bigtaco, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. bigtaco

    bigtaco Active Member


    i'm a drummer, i'm a machinist. i've spent day and night/night and day building the ultimate snare drum.

    today was the deadline to have an instrument completed.

    and today was the day my shell came apart at the seams... literally.

    guys, i've spent sleepless WEEKS on this project and when this thing fell apart, so did i.

    i'm completely distraught, 100% heart broken and i wanted ya'll to share in the experience that was to be one of my great percussion triumphs and instead has turned into a crushing defeat.

    it's also a good look at the kind of stuff i'm capable of as a machinist. just in case any of you thought i was a hack. :roll:
  2. Syntax360

    Syntax360 Premium Member

    Sorry to hear it, my friend. And for the record, I don't think anyone thought you were a hack - your wares are tried and true on this board... 8)


    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Can it be repaired/perfected and introduced in a different venue with a later (less hectic) deadline?
  4. Wulf

    Wulf Premium Member

    Dayam, BT! :shock:

    "Artist" comes ta mind, Dude...not hack. <shrug> Better luck with the next one. Now relax and hava few Coronas. Hehehehehe...

    It's fuckin' Friday, Dude!!! :p

    Hava good weekend, Bro. :)

    Wulf <-- doin' the Steve Martin happy feet dance with a little kitty arrow thru the head prop
  5. amonkey

    amonkey New Member

    Dude, really sorry to hear....
    It sounds like a cliche, but you have to fail to succeed. Can you step back and try again with lessons learned?

    Or go to the range, that always makes everything better :wink:
  6. Netfotoj

    Netfotoj Premium Member

    Dude, think Thomas A. Edison. Everybody said he was nuts, but he kept on plugging. I'm probably wrong on the number, but for illustration sake, say it took him 742 failures before the light came on in his first electric bulb.

    Someone asked him if it bothered him that he had 742 failures? "No," he replied. "I just found 742 ways that didn't work before I found one way that did work."

    Just keep plugging away, man. The world's greatest drum is somewhere in that pile of wood and metal. :mrgreen:
  7. xjrat

    xjrat Premium Member

    HOLY CRAP! BT that is some fine craftsmanship. I am privileged to have read that post.
    I am no drummer nor professional wood worker but have done enough of each to
    see the talent that it took to even attempt that. That is one truly unique and artful design.
    I hope you continue on with it in a more relaxed way until it is done, but not too relaxed that
    it gets put on the back burner... I am sorry that it hit a sour note and I can feel the pain from
    here but don't grieve for long. You have A LOT of talent.
    Oh ya just go SHOOT something and you will feel better. If you can take that first shell out and
    put a few hundred rounds through it :twisted:
  8. xjrat

    xjrat Premium Member

    Oh ya and PLEASE keep us posted on the build. I would love to see
    it done. I would also like to hear it as well but being in Ca. I will have
    to take your word for it...
  9. bigtaco

    bigtaco Active Member

    tell you what xjrat... i'll send it to you to try out when it's complete.
  10. xjrat

    xjrat Premium Member

    BT I know I wouldn't do it justice but I have a few friends that would love to get
    their grubby little drumming hands on it...
    I am forwarding that link of the build up to a friend who is a great drummer and
    has built a few himself. I know he will enjoy the build. He has no time now though
    as he is going through police academy and is only a month and a half through it...
    I am a sound tec and have been for about 13 years now and I am also an aspiring
    audiophile(ie broke and can't aford the hand built $15000 horns) so I always apreciate
    a good sound. It doesn't have to be loud but it does have to be clear and clean then it
    can be loud.
  11. mugdava

    mugdava Premium Member

    Hey BT!

    I'm sorry things didn't turn out right, but You've got tons of talents from what I've seen. When You decide You need a distraction, I've got a little Steyr related project cooking in the deep corners of my melon. A talented machinist/smith like Yourself is all I need to make this little dream come true. Drop me a PM if You get the notion. :)

    Know that We're pulling for You when the pulling gets tough!
  12. West01

    West01 New Member

    Good show BigT,

    The heart of the inventor and artist. Don't give up man! A little rest, a brake, and a good Margarita Hang-over brings the creative mind back in motion. Look at your challenge from different perspective. Sometime a very small detail can go a long way to resolve your project. I designed and did in the past a lot of cool gadgets (and not so cool) that involved electronics, embedded computers and DSP gizmo's. Some were great success and some were total disasters. I know this sound like a platitude but take a step back and try to look at it from a different way. Sometime it just a very small change....Don't let it drive you nut or don't take personally...

    Good Luck


  13. bigtaco

    bigtaco Active Member

    thanks guys for the support. i assure you i have no intention of giving up at this point.

    that shell can be salvaged. and now that i've done a couple, i know how to do it perfectly. just takes a little $$$$ for a good steel fixture.

    i'm saying that ferrari's first v12's didn't run quite right. toyota didn't give up on the supra after two prototypes. edison's first light bulb was a flop.

    and J.K. rowling was dismissed by 8 publishing houses before harry potter was picked up.

    i was down for a while. but a clear head is prevailing and you'll see success in this crazy endeavor very soon.