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What type of 9mm ammo do you carry daily and why?

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Help draw me into the world of 9mm ccw. What type of ammo and why. Why a 9mm over a .40 or .357 etc...

Please post nothing negative about the other calibers.We've all read just about as many caliber war threads as we wish to read. Just positive/negative stuff about your 9. I am specifically interested in recoil and control ability under quick fire. Possibly links to terminal ballistics in actual shootings would be great.
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My S9-A1 is currently loaded with Federal 124-grain HST +P.

However, I have no qualms whatever in loading it with 124-grain Remington Golden Saber +P Bonded, Federal 9BPLE, 124-grain Federal Tactical Bonded, 135-grain Federal Tactical Bonded +P, 115-grain Speer Gold Dot, and several other premium JHP self-defense rounds.

I've shot all these and more through the pistol and all are reliable in the gun.
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