What to get...what to get..? K & D holster!

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by mod06, Jun 8, 2006.

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    Howdy Gents!
    First time I've been able to sit down and respond to the raffle!
    "I just want to thank...." Seriously tho, I know people say this all the time but it really is the first time I have won anything like this. Not quite sure what leather to choose but it will be IWB. This also will be my first holster ever so I'm pretty excited about the whole thing! First handgun. First holster. I'm very thankful and will let you all know when it gets ordered.
    mod06 :D
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    Congrats on all the first.

  3. madecov

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    Do you have a CHL ?
    Is the gun going to be carried concealed or only for range/ competition.

    If you are going to carry concealed go IWB, if not get a belt mount holster.

    When my A1 gets back from Steyr, if it proves reliable I'll be ordering a Laredo defender from Kevin