What to do when your workplace does not allow you to carry?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Deluxe247, Apr 20, 2005.

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    I have seen this thread on many other forums and I was just currious as to what all of you had to say about this...

    I find it frustrating that even though it is concealed that you are still not allowed (at least in my case) to carry at work or on their property even though "The Man" ( the State) has given the OK to do so. If you keep it under cover then it souldn't be an issue right? So, what's the point of having a cencealed permit if you can't have your weapon on you 5 days out of the week when you might actually need it most?


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    You said it when you wrote "on their property." It's their property, it's their rules, it has nothing to do with the state. The way I see it you have 4 choices-1. Try and make change in the policies/rules 2. Carry against their policies(possibly get caught, but ya never know) 3. Don't carry at all 4. Go work somewhere else. You make the rules in your house and so do they.

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    The trouble with trying to change workplace policy is that these policies are driven by fear of litigation. The company legal department usually advises CYA. I had the same problem as a schoolteacher. I never felt the need for a pistol at school, but it sure would have been reassuring on the way home. At least our school cops got to carry-- I know even that is not allowed in many districts.
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    ditto, six days a week i can't carry or have one in the car, no where on company property at all.
    I read where in one state that's being challenged so that employees can keep a handgun IN THEIR CAR es long as they meet state requirements for securing it. I wish I remember what state it was.

    6 days (five if I'm lucky) I'm unarmed.
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    Can't say we are the satet you were thinking of Flachef but MN is indeed like that - the right to carry in parking lots is covered. Companies can (and mine does) ban them inside however.
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    In Virginia, it's illegal to carry on private property that has posted notice...you can lose your license. That said, I'm sure plenty of people do it anyway at places like malls and probably even at work. You pays your money, you takes your chances.

    A new law goes into effect here in July that will allow you to have a weapon in your car on school property -- you just can't take it out. So you can carry when you go to pick up your kids as long as you (and your gun) stay in the car. They have NOT extended that to private property (like company parking lots)....maybe that will be next!

    We have a great organization here - the Virginia Citizens' Defense League (http://www.vcdl.org) that does a fantastic job of promoting and protecting RKBA. Just one more reason to stay here in the Commonwealth when I retire....

  7. Alabama

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    Sadly, there are many times you just might need a close companion at work, even as a schoolteacher, we might recall today especially. :cry:
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    huh, i thought retiring to Pensacola after naval service was required in the contract somewhere :-k

    :lol: :lol:
    at least that seems to be the reason most of the town moved there.
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    It's Oklahoma that has, I believe, passed or has pending a law saying that buisnesses and employers may not prohibit you from carrying a concealed weapon in your vehicle. So while they can bust you for bringing it in, they cannot simply for bringing it on the property and keeping it in the car.
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    Keltec P3AT in a front pocket holster. Concealed means concealed :)
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    Yup, I'm thinking Kel-Tec P-11 in front pocket holster. I'm wondering exactly how you would get caught, provided you can keep your mouth shut.
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    I carry a Colt Defender .45 in my Dayrunner/Planner everyday. Even when my vehicle is searched, my Planner sits out in plain sight and no one ever touches it.

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    The dayplanner is another good choice.
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    +1 on that!

    How does that saying go? "Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6"

    You can add "or be judged by your EMPLOYER" - a job is a job, life is paramount, IMHO.

    Luckily, I work out of my house so I am ALWAYS strapped.

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    Guardian .380 in a SmartCary when I am at work. Even though my company has no policy against firearms on the property, I would rather be a little more cautious and not raise any attention. I have carried my Glock 23 (now since traded for a Steyr M9 to go with my S9) to work with no problems, but I felt more conscious of it and decided to go with the Guardian at work and my M9/S9 after wards, although I might start carrying my S9 in my SmartCary soon. Outside of work, I use my IWB for the Steyr’s.
  16. My law school has a zero tolerance weapons policy even though its located in a state that issues CCW permits. Unfortunatly, my law school is also located in a downtown high-crime district and alot of my classes run from 6pm to 9pm at night. The school doesn't provide parking so I have to park on the street. Groups of homeless people concentrate around the law school at night to beg/intimidate students into giving them money. The school provides zero security and has no exterior security cameras.

    Of course, I WOULD NEVER break any law school rules and risk violating the honor code, but if I did carry Mr. Steyr with me I'd feel alot more comfortable. It would be totally useless to try and change the policy as our Adminstration is what you would call "extreme liberals". For example, the law school offers one class on firearms laws and its basically a three hour lecture each week for fifteen weeks about how firearms are the root of all evil and everyone woud live in a social utopia if somehow we could get rid of all firearms.

    Meanwhile, I have to worry about me or one of my classmates being stabbed by some crazy homeless person.
  17. FlaChef

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    get some good hand to hand training and carry a pocket knife.
  18. alagator

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    I am just ending a 6 week visit to the gun-free social utopia of England. Legally, I can't even carry my Gerber pocket throw-down. I feel less secure here than at home, because no knife or hand-to-hand is going to save me from a bunch of drunken "yobs" intent on mayhem. I am a retired high school teacher, former drug rehabilitation counselor and social worker, so I have a pretty good understanding of why these unemployed thugs are behaving so poorly, but liberal love and understanding is wasted in a street confrontation. Yes, they need meaningful jobs and a satisfying life, but right now I need an S9.
    When that Immigration Officer says "Welcome back to the United States" I'll probably get arrested for kissing him!
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    Up until about a year ago I worked for Walter Drake (the cheesy catalog). One day we come to work to find out that the company has been bought by one of our competitors and that out of the approx. 600 employees only about 25 of us will be keeping our jobs (just the buyers and the catalog designers ... I was a designer).

    There was going to be 3 months before the layoffs where to happen so 575 people had just been given 3 months notice (there where lots of people who had been at that company for more then a decade).

    Thats when I started 24/7 carry ... I usually carried when I wasn't at work, but I figured that if someone went nuts and tried to shoot up the place that I wasn't going to just sit there and take it (and since I was one of the very few who was keeping my job I figured my department would be targets).

    Thankfully nothing happened but I'm glad I was armed.

    The company had no official policy about guns, but I'm pretty sure that carrying would have been frowned upon (even legal CCW). The new owners (Miles Kimball) are headquartered in Osh Kosh Wisconson and every schmuck from their office was obviously an obnoxious liberal (most of them complained about having to spend 5 minutes in the same town as "Focus on the Family :roll: ), so I didn't stick around long enough to find out what the new owner's policy on guns was. Even if I did, I'd carry ... policy be damned (of course I live in a state where "no guns" signs carry no legal weight).
  20. DocChronos

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    I have been carrying concealed seven days a week for close to 15 years. If I leave home without that familiar bulge, I begin feeling that something is wrong. Usually, I am not even out of the garage before I catch it. I live a pretty low-key, suburban life, and rarely give the gun a thought, but it is always there if I need it. Regarding carrying at work, my office requires that I either have a gun on me, or easily accessible at all times.

    In fact, I am never farther than 20 feet from a gun at any time; usually it is on my person. I do a lot of whitewater canoeing and snowshoeing, and I always have a stainless PPK stuck in a pocket, “just in case.” My PPK has had more dunks in the drink than I want to remember.

    In case you wonder about my office requiring me to carry? I own the office, so I get to make my own rules. Whadda deal! :D:D