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what should be basis for choosing handgun??

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hello, i am in somewhat of a delimma as to what gun i should carry. i currently own a steyr s9 and an xd-9 subcompact. i love both guns, but i favor the s9 over the xd-9. it also conceals better for me than the xd-9 which was unexpected. i have shot the glock 26 and think it is a great gun. it is also very concealable. anyways, my delimma is this. i plan to join a law enforcement division after college (~2 more years to go). should i base my decision on what gun i carry, use, practice and become familiar/proficient with on the gun used by this division? Personally, i prefer the feel, features and pointability of the steyr s9, but the division issues glock. ideally, i could get proficient with all three handguns(xd-9, s9 and g26) but this is not a feasable option...i can only afford one. My current use for a handgun is personal defense concealed carry, so i would need to go with the sub-compact glock, even though the division issues the full size (i am under the assumption that the pointability, POA, etc.. would be the same or very similar between all models of glock pistols, right?). Should i go with what is most comforable for me now or should i learn to 'get comfortable' with the firearm that i will be required to use and depend on in the line of duty.
For clarification purposes, i am NOT looking for opinions on which is the BETTER of the three guns mentioned!!

any info or opinions would be greatly appreciated. thanks,
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Welcome to Steyr-land Shad!

I know forum member madecov is an experienced LEO, so he and others will hopefully provide their perspective.

You'll probably get many opinions about the question you asked. IMHO, I like to be as proficient with as many different platforms as possible. I've watched Cops when the officers have recovered weapons from suspects and I think in such situations it would pay to be intimately familiar with the different manual-of-arms of different weapons.

That said, for your intended purpose it does make sense to train with the same platform so that the manual-of-arms of your department-issued weapon will be engrained in your muscle-memory. For example, the 6 degree difference in grip angle between the Glock and Steyr MAY make a difference in your first shot time from a holster as you adjust your grip to align the sights when using the platform different from what you train with the most. Then again, it may make an insignificant difference.

I think it comes down to training, and if you have different platforms you use, make sure that before you do carry something that you are confident in your perfomance with it. 2 years is a long time and you never know what department you may end up with. One thing is likely, however, and that is they probably will not be issuing the Steyr. Although they may not prohibit you carrying it on duty if you qualify with it.

You will hear me say time and time again that I believe all defensive-minded pistol shooters should search out the most well-run IDPA matches in their area. This particular competition will get you familiar with your manual-of-arms and also practice your shooting skills with challenging courses and non-standard positions and situations.

Good luck!

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As I see it your primary concern is whether your department will allow you the freedom of qualifying and carrying a weapon of your choice or will restrict the options you have available? I would not practice with a sub-compact model of handgun until you have become comfortable with your full size duty pistol.

While POA may not be different between the various Glock model sizes, your grip and the felt recoil will be slightly different. Sounds like you already have two high quality sub-compact pistols, so why purchase another sub compact?

Safe Shooting.
Under pressure

IMO, by all means be comfortable with what you'll bet your life on in the line of duty. If that's a glock then so be it. If you can gain proficiency with other arms, not at the expense of proficiency with your service arm, then go on, but, again, not if your butt's on the line.
You don't go to work with the pistol you wish you had, you go to work with the pistol you've got, to paraphrase an SOB...
my .02
if you ccw the s9 you can still ccw the s9 as an off duty leo.
if your dept is one that will let you carry your own pistol if you qualify the try to do that and use an M (or the glock and s as a backup).

I do know people who shoot idpa w/ 3 or 4 different guns for different divisions and diffferent rankings w/ each (xd,1911, k frame SW) the key is putting in enough time practicing w/ each.

you have two years to ccw the s9 and train in your own time.

you will have the same time to train on glocks as every other cop to be in your class, the difference is you will still be going in w/ good gun handling and marskmanship skills.

become profecient in diffrerent platforms, shoot and train w/ others and borrow their guns 8)

what happens if you go to a dept that is GLOCK ONLY and don't even think about carrying anything else, then move to another dept that is berrata or SW only.

in other words you have no idea what the future holds and do what works for now, but be flexible enought to ditch it for something better later.

shoot some idpa or even ipsc if there is no idpa around you.

but i say if the s fits your hand and conceals better why buy a glock, and maybe even try to trade that xd for 4 or 5 inch xd or an M or..... unless you just like having two compacts but only carrying one.
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