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Just like the title says what other guns sights fit the M40-A1 if any? Why is there a difference anyways....makes no sense to me....I mean its a sight, what reason could there be to have a different attachment methods? Is one really better than another? And if so which one is better? And is it possible to have the slide machined to have this attachement method? What company would you recommend to do the work?



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Hiya Jerry :)

The only sights that I'm aware of are Steyr factory Trijicon 3 dot nightsights ( ) and PT Nightsights ( ). There's actually a Club discount should you decide to go with the PT's. Their new website is about to launch and they are advertising a 5% discount when ya register. Jerrie Ling has been the Club contact and here's her contact info:

Jerrie Ling
MMC/PT Night Sights Customer Servcie Manager
4430 Mitchell St.
North Las Vegas NV 89081
[email protected]

There may be other aftermarket sights available that I'm just not aware of, but I'm sure other members will chime in shortly. Hava great weekend. :)

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