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What is with the Finish on the Steyrs?

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OK, so I went to the local gun shop to check out the Steyrs M-A1 they had on sale. When I got one in my hand I realized that there was what looked liked a metal shaving in the slide. I tride to scratch it off with my finger nail. Before I knew if, I was scratching the finish off the slide to reveal silver underneath. I barley used any force at all. I am affraid to buy on now becasue I am affraid of what the finish will look like after a few holsterings. Can anyone shed any light on this? Why did this happen?
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what do you got files for nails?

the finish is like that. some parkerized finishes have metal added to solution it can end up in the finish.

keep the finish oiled up and it will last a good while. have holstered my M9 and M40 fairly roughly and only wear is on the front of the slide at the corners.

could get it hardchromed if you want a finish that will last long time.

even if the finish wears from holster unless you get some dings that go into the metal more than few thousands of inch it wont rust easily

besides hard chroming could see if someone could clean the park then abraise it up and put a overcoat finish on it. has to be done just right may need to be reparked for it to work.

the parkerizing I have seen on Steyrs has always been smoother than other parkerizing I have seen.
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i bet that if you rubbed those "scratches" with a pencil eraser they would come out. like mr. a, i've drawn and holstered both of my steyrs thousands of times each and only see wear at the front corner.

other little blemishes that show up have always been repaired with an eraser.
The finish on my A1 has held up fairly well. I've had my A1 about a year and it has been in and out of various holsters daily.

The finish is about the same as the early first generation Glock's
I've banged mine against concrete with little effect. Not sure what's up with what happened to yours, though the finish will sometimes look like its been worn off, when all it needs is a little oil to restore the look.
And correct me if I'm wrong, but Steyr M and S series pistols are all nitrided (tennifer) treated. So even if the finish wears, the metal is still extremely corrosion resisitant beneath.
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