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    Hi all, could someone more knowledgeable about Steyrs answer a question for me? I recently bought an M357-A1 and love it, but was curious about one of its features:

    See that opening underneath the pistol's butt & behind the magazine where there's usually a lanyard loop on other guns? Wonder what it's for, the manual mentions nothing of it. My guess would be an attachment for rifle stock, but think those may be illegal in my state anyway.
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    I think its nothing mysterious. Its JUST A HOLE!

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    The opening behind the magazine has slots in it for the stock to slide into. I'm guessing the pin hole that runs from left to right is to lock it in. The Steyr manual shows a rifle stock for it on page 16 or 17 IIRC.
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    You must've gotten a different manual from me, as my copy definitely does not have such a picture. But thank you anyway for the info. :)
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    My manual is dated May 2000. It shows it on page 17 under optional accessories.
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    yes it is for stock, I have stock on my glock but not fit on steyr