What is the perfect sight picture for M 40 sights

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by Guest, Sep 24, 2005.

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    :?: Ok guys, I have a novice to the Steyr M 40 question. What is the perfect sight picture using the standard sites on the M 40? With 3 dots I am there, but the sites of the M 40 is new to me.

    Your wisdom is appreciated!!

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    The top of the white portion on the left and right sides of the rear sight should be online with the top of of the front sight triangle. Basically you're going to be forming the outside of the triangle. That's the easiest way that I have to explain it. Hopefully that helped out a little.

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    exactly like the logo on the box and manual. Tip intersecting the target.

    shoot it from a rest/bench/sandbags to determine poa/poi.
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    :D Chef and US Marine - Thank you for your responses!! Now its time to have some fun in the Sun!!

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    Or simply
    The Steyr logo is the sight picture
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    :D Well Gentlemen, I just couldn't wait to go to the agency Range to try out your site picture advice, so to an indoor range I went.

    Just got back and I am shooting much better after 300 rounds (No misfires nor jams) everything was good. I like the balance of this weapon and I thing it will be a nice CW. I just have to find a good belt holster for it.

    MADECOV - Thanks for responding as well, I hope all is well in Houston. I know what you folks are going through. Stay safe!!

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    I realize that this is a pretty old thread but I just picked up my new M 9 A1 and had the exact same question which has been answered by this post. Thanks

    I will spend the rest of the day dry firing and working with the sights and be out at the range first thing tomorrow morning.