What holsters do the Austrians Use?

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Polymer Proselyte, Aug 22, 2007.

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    I thought there might be local holster providers in Austria and Germany. I tried doing searches on Pistolenholster, Gürtelholster (belt holster), Schnellziehholster (speed holster?) and my favorite Oberschenkelholster (over leg holster?). Me being on the far side of the world buying from Europe is as expensive as buying from the States.

    Sickinger seem to be the largest, listing a few holsters for the Steyr M. I emailed them and asked about the M9A1 fit and got this back:

    Here is their site : http://www.sickinger.at/Englisch/Sites/home.htm

    They also have a distributor in Oz : http://www.holsters.com.au/

    One site I discovered had quite a nice holster for the P99. Would something like this fit???


    It was at : http://www.afterbuy.de/afterbuy/shop/storefront/start.aspx?shopid=40202
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    re: http://www.sickinger.at/Englisch/Sites/home.htm

    very cool. hopefully the availability of duty holsters for the M-A1 will increase their popularity. too bad the only north american distributor is in Canada.

    hmm, that leaves US distribution up for grabs - anybody hear opportunity knockin'?
    wonder what these things cost, the quality looks exceptional in the pictures.