What holster are you using for your Steyr.

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by madecov, May 5, 2005.

  1. madecov

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    I have both the Steyr leather holster and a Comp-Tac.

    Since I have to qualify through the department with my Styer before I can carry it :( I have to wait in order to carry the gun.

    I also have a Safariland holster on order for duty use.
  2. Guest

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    HBE COM3 for my M9

  3. theFiasco

    theFiasco Guest


    Any preference with the holsters you have?

    Which Comp-Tac?

  4. madecov

    madecov Active Member

    So far I like the Comp-Tac speed paddle.

    The Styer brand leather is just too tight and the slots are not very wide to get it on a belt.
  5. hihoslva

    hihoslva Guest

    I've got a CompTac CTAC - like it a lot.

    I've been considering picking up the rigid synthetic holster from USASteyr as a range holster. Looks simple and compact.

    For range/target use right now I have a cheapo nylon GunMate holster. It works well though, and I like the integrated mag pouch.
  6. Guest

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    Another Comp-Tac C-T.A.C. here. I absolutely love it - fast enough draw to win IDPA matches and modular for ultra-concealment. It's the best holster I've ever used for CCW. I use Gould and Goodrich leather for a double mag paddle holder.

    I'm breaking down and getting a Comp-Tac belt holster for an even faster draw. J.B. and the crew there are quality people making great products.

    I know David Stillwell at Grandfather Oak, and although I don't own any of his holsters, I've heard nothing but good things about him and his products.

  7. srfl

    srfl Guest

    A black leather High Noon belt slide....very nice holster and two Grandfather Oak Quick Companion kydex holsters with Tek Loks.....I occasionally use a medium Smart Carry holster too.

    My Grandfather Oak holsters are the first two holsters Dave S. made for the Steyr. He even purchased a Steyr (I think it was an M40) to make the holsters.
  8. Guest

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    High Noon IWB Hidden Ally for my 229DAK will fit the M9
  9. Flashpoint

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    I mainly use a highnoon hidden alley. I also have a don hume j.i.t. slide that was made for a p239 but worked real well with the Steyr.

    I have a h.b.e. com 3 on order like 12 volt's, but in black cherry just to be different. :wink:
  10. Deluxe247

    Deluxe247 Supporting Member

    I just got my HBE COM3 and it is absolutely awesome! \:D/

    If you are looking at getting a custom leather holster made, I highly recommend HBE. Eric does great work.

  11. Guest

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    Eric is currently working on my HBEleather Pancake OWB with matching two 1.25 inch belts for the M9. I went with him because he's got a good reputation and he also works with the Steyr M9's.

    I usually go to Milt Sparks for my holsters and belts but they've never worked with a Steyr for a holster. I gave Eric a shot and he's been good with communication so far. I'll post when I receive the goods.
  12. I have a leather GALCO International FLETCH High Ride Belt Holster. The holster is made specifically for the Steyr M-series pistol. Its constructed of premium leather, double stitched seams, and features a reinforced thumb break. In addition, the holster has full trigger guard coverage and is very narrow to make it more concealable than most pan-caked holsters.

    Fine craftsmanship and excellent service at GALCO for a reasonable price and a holster specifically made for Steyr M-series pistols you just can't beat it. A great holster if you're looking for superior rentention or you have to deal with suspects at close range. Excellent duty holster.
  13. Guest

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    Grandfather Oak Custom Carry - Quick Companion OWB Kydex holster - straight drop. 8)
  14. Guest

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    I just got my S9 and bought a Mikes size 16 "paddle" holster. Black canvas, good fit. The paddle conforms to the body nicely w/o being flimsy. I'd attach a picture if I knew how. The holser has a cheapo plastic strap which you don't really need or they should have used a better material for the strap. The gun fits tight enough with friction for most uses. I currently have it removed ("snaps" on securely) but will keep it in the Steyr case for the times I'm moving around a lot or on an ATV.
  15. TheNatureBoy

    TheNatureBoy Guest

    No one has put in a plug for FIST yet, so let me be the first.

    I have a Fist #7 -- pancake style in kydex with an FBI cant. I love it.
    Very light, thin and holds extremely tight to the body. The retention is superb!

    This is the holster that changed my mind about wearing OWB. Until then, I thought it was impossible. Not now -- I do it all the time.

    On the range, I'm thinking about using the Grandfather Oak Quick Companion. I just received it yesterday, but I like the feel -- EXTREMELY light and cut down in the front for faster draw.

    FYI -- I also received a Grandfather Oak pocket holster for my Kel-Tec P3AT. I've only used it around the house so far, but I'm betting it's going to be my new favorite pocket holster. Again, very light and flexible so it moves as necessary.
  16. Guest

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    Received the Pancake and belts from Eric. Excellent work! Very impressed. Eric used an actual M9 for the mold and the holster fits well, though needs to have the leather 'release' naturally. Rides nice and close and perfect communication and great customer service from Eric.

    BTW, I received a call from Milt Sparks this morning and sure enough, they do have a mold for the Steyr M9 there and can make holsters, albeit quite a long wait these days. I have a number of Sparks holsters and belts and they are worth the wait.
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    My s40 rides in a Bladetech UCH. Took some time getting used to IWB carry, but it really conceals very well. Still leaves a print with most shirts tucked, but I think that can be attributed to my ever-growing waistline. :p
  18. Guest

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    Excellent holster! I have one for my Security Six and it disappears under my untucked shirt despite my round frame! 8)
  19. Thinking about going with a Bladetech myself, just as a speed draw type holster.