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What else do you shoot?

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I shoot CZ's primarily. I have 5 :D cz75BD, CZ97B, CZ 40Px2, CZ P-01.

also shoot.
-Springfield 1911 Loaded
-Bushmaster M4gery
-Bulgarian Makarov
-2 Romanian AK-47's
-Benelli Nova 12 Guage
-Ruger 10/22
-Savage 112 7mm
-Chinese SKS Paratrooper

Coming soon.....
-CZ 527 Laminate in .223
-Witness Fullsize in 10mm

-Varmint AR-15 with a Super Sniper Scope
-Steyr M40
-CZ 452 Varmint in .17HMR
-Plan to convert a 10/22 to .17HM2 with a Whistle Pig Barrel and a new stock.
-O/U 20 Guage Shotgun

Previously owned....
-Kahr K9
-Springfield XD9 (Sold it today :( )
-Kel-Tec P3AT

I have a fair amount of knowlege with the guns I own, plus some others. I am happy to help where I can.

.......and I failed to mention the obvious. I also have a Steyr M9
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my collection

Steyr m9
Ruger GP100 .357
Browning Buckmark
Ruger 10/22
Marlin 783 .22 mag
Ruger M77 mark II 30.06 mannlicher stock
Rem 870 20 ga
and as of today...i hve a Yugo SKS 59/66

Wish list

bulgarian Makarov
CZ-75 B .40 S&W
Yugo M48 mauser
Mosin Nagent
Enfield #4
Saiga 7.62 carbine
Thompson Encore .223 and a half dozen other barrels....
oh, and of course...M9a1

of the list just goes on.....will have to see what i can find....
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Me: M40

wife: Ruger SP101 .357 3" barrell

Nominaly me, but as often as not her: S9

also sitting in garage waiting to be cleaned up, OLD 60's or 70's remmington 12ga pump (model???) that used to be my aunts skeet gun, but has been sitting in my parents garage since i was 12 and tried to shoot skeet w/it before range guy let me use a 20ga. Restoring would be a higher priority if I had a place to shoot some trap localy.

on wish list...
XD tactical in 9mm
Bersa thunder .380
Walther P99 (preferably german manufacture)
Colt Commander
Steyr Prohunter
Walther P22
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My collection:

Colt M1911 (not an A1 -- manufactured in 1912)
Colt Match Target Pistol .22 LR
High Standard Model B
Sig P228
Savage Arms MK II-FVXP .22 LR
Glock 17
Ruger KP89D
Walther P99 AS 9mm (2004)
Ruger KP93 (my wife's)
Steyr M9

The first three I inherited from my grandfather. The rest I've acquired (in order) since October 2004. I also had a Mossberg 500 12 ga that I bought then sold to pay for my Steyr. :)

My wish list:
Ruger GP-100 4" Stainless .357 mag
CZ-75 P-01 9mm
Beretta 92-G Special Duty

Any more than that and my very understanding wife may start to lose her sense of humor!

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if you have the option, look for an older GP-100.....i have one that i bought new back in '94....every time i look at a newer one at a show or gun they just don't feel as well made to me....that of course may just be personal bias, but the don't seem to have as smooth an action anymore.

I was shooting this one the most...

but I sold it.

Or did you mean firearms? :)
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RangerM9 - What is a Saiga 7.62 carbine?

I didn't know they offered a Carbine version....Hmmmm

I will post some pictures of the collection after the armory room is finished. I got several very exquisite Breakfronts that I am having converted to gun rack format, rather than for formal dining ware, which they were made for.

I had the glass tinted on all of them already and had recessed lighting installed. Thus, with the lighting off, nothing is visible internally.
When you turn the lighting on, which is rigged to a dimmer switch, depending on how bright the light is, it varies the degree in which you can see the contents inside. Good way to conceal the firearms and show them off when I want to. I really haven't gotten around to playing with the setups yet, because they are still being worked on, but, I might change the glass out for SPD glass. I don't know yet. More info and pics when this project gets finished. I hope that it looks like a high-end display case at the end...akin to an Atelier or a jewelry store.

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Re: GP-100

RangerM9 said:

if you have the option, look for an older GP-100.....i have one that i bought new back in '94....every time i look at a newer one at a show or gun they just don't feel as well made to me....that of course may just be personal bias, but the don't seem to have as smooth an action anymore.

Thanks for the advice. I've actually arranged to buy one that was made around 1988 but only has about 100 rds through it. The owner works for the Sheriff's department out in Oregon and has an S&W habit -- so the Ruger's been a safe queen. Hopefully I'll have it in the next week or two.

For what it's worth, some of the folks on the Ruger forum gave the same advice -- they felt that quality control wasn't as good today as it used to be at Ruger. So you're not alone in your feeling that the older guns are better!

Saiga Carbine

ok, not actually sure they are called carbines by Saiga themselves.....

here are all Saiga's options...the New "100" looks like a nice gun too actually.... ... ndex.shtml

But i have seen it called a carbine, such as here....

i'd like the 16.5 inch barrel personally....I like small packages...
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Thanks so much. I myself couldn't find that info on the EAA site. Great work.
Hartzpad says that the Hunter front end can be switched out for the AKM front end. Here is what he said to me:

You have to somehow get the lower
handguard retainer on the barrel by either cutting it in half and
reattaching it or by taking off and replacing the front sight base and gas
chamber. You also have to file a groove for the handguard retainer to grab
onto. Any Bulgarian or other gas tube will work on the Saigas.
More info from another member of GT:

Not without the addition of a lower handguard retainer (for the lower) and a new gas tube with handguard retainers.
thats a nice pic ripped! i like it wanna part with that m4?
thats a culmination of my roomates and my gun collection.. :) His M4.. Red98SS on TR... anything is for sale for the right price. :) however talk with him if your interested.
Here 's a few pics of my babies

And here's a money shot =P~ \:D/

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My other shot's are
Sig PRO 2340 in .40S&W
Taurus PT-145 Pro SS
Taurus PT-111 Pro SS

Picking up the S9 Monday or roughly 12 hours from now.

on the list are
Sig May 05 GSR
Steyr M9
FNP-9 FN Compact
WASR folding stock AK
Kel-tec something dunno P32, P3AT,P11
M4 Carbine
Ruger KP-345
Taurus Raging Bull BIG revolver
SA custom loaded 1911
among a few other things that are kinda down there on the list.
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