What do you'all recommend for cleaning?

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    With the 'extra' cleaning recommended for the M9 from CDNN that's coming soon, which product do you recommend? Hoppes #9, Gunscrubber, Simple Green, Breakfree; all of the above; anything else? I want to give 'er a darn good cleaning w/o ruining the polymer.

    Forgot to mention: I usually clean and lube my pistols with (varies) Breakfree, FP-10, EEzox, Militec 1 and some Nitro Solvent for the barrels.
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    I've had really good luck with BreakFree CLP and Miltec-1

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    Ahhhhh .... Hoppes No. 9. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'd wear it like cologne if I didn't think doing so would prohibit me from ever getting a smile from a girl again... And it works.
    Classic and the best.
    Everyone loves RemOil, too, though it comes in third behind Hoppes and actual gunsmoke...
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    Cleaning/Lubrication products

    I'm currently using the following four products:

    Butch's Bore Shine: Bore cleaning and carbon removal. It works pretty well without being as harsh (to fingers and steel) as some other bore cleaners.

    RemOil (aerosol): Light viscosity helps flush loose crud out and aids penetration into tight spaces. Teflon makes it a good lubricant.

    RIG +P Stainless Lube: A grease which I use (sparingly) on load bearing surfaces such as locking lugs, cocking and extraction cams and sear surfaces. I also like to put a dab on the frame/slide rails. It does get sticky when cold so I don't use it as much in the winter but it does a great job on protecting sliding surfaces from each other.

    Du-Lite Kwik Seal (aerosol): A finishing oil I wipe on the exterior for corrosion prevention. It tends to dry while leaving a film behind, which is good for rust prevention but less than optimal if you get it inside the action.
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    there really is no need for a finish oilt to protect from rusting, the metal is tennifered.
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    If you are worried about fouling the polymer, take the action out of the frame for cleaning.

    It's so ridiculously easy to do, that I do it regularly for cleaning.

    I use Break Free, as it's what I happened to buy. Might try something else when that runs out.

    The only part of my pistols that ever need more than a light scrubbing is the feed ramp; I often need to use my brass barrel brush on it to get it mirror-shiny and clean. It occasionally gets spots of gunk that won't come off with light cleaning. No big thing.

    No need to over-oil, either.