What causes hard jamming?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, May 30, 2006.

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    This is the only problem I'm having with my M40A1, but it happens way to frequently. The gun locks right before it goes completely into battery. You can still pull the trigger but all you get is a light primer strike. To get the live round out, you usually have to knock the slide back using a block of wood and a hammer, or sometimes you can just smack the butt of the gun while holding the slide and it'll knock it loose. It seems to happen no matter what ammo I use.

    Is there anything to polish or grind that can fix this? I occasionaly had the same problem with an M9A1 and an old M40. I'm starting to lose faith in these guns.
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    That's unusual to have the same thing happen on all the Steyr's. Which leaves me to believe you might be doing something physically to prompt the lock up such as "limp wristing". Not that this is the problem...My friend was shooting my Steyr and he would jam or stovepike the thing everytime. I would shoot it and it was fine.......He is a good shooter but was doing something I wasn't.....

    Have someone experienced watch you shoot. Maybe they can see something. Then let them shoot your Steyr and see if they are locking up too. If they aren't you will know its your techique and not the guns...........good luck

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    I'm proficient with many handguns, but the Steyr is the only one that has given me any problems. I can assure you I'm not limp wristing. Also, shooting style should have nothing to do with this problem from what I can tell. Limp wristing or such wouldn't casue the gun to lock to the point I have to beat it out of battery or into battery with a hammer, and if it did, it would be a major design flaw. I though it was ammo related (Remington UMC) but it has now done the same thing with WWB and Gold Dot.

    It's not just me. It has hard jammed on my friend, and the only reason I have the gun back is becasue it hard jammed on the guy I sold it too. My previous Steyrs didn't jam frequently, maybe once ever few hundred rounds, but that coupled with being able to push the slide out of battery on a door frame and misfire (Figured they would've fixed that...) was enough to bother me.
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    i had a hard lock once. we were doing malfunction drills and inserted a spent case in the chamber and dropped the slide on a full mag causing a double feed. i was pounding on that thing with everything including the kitchen sink getting it clear.

    i'm convinced that that experience was caused by slamming the spent case in. as far as it happening with a live round ie... non-expanded case, im stumped. let me think about it/ do some destructive testing.

    hopefully i won't destroy my washer!!!
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    I've had the same thing happen to me twice in my M40, but only with one brand of ammo from the same 250 round box - Remington-UMC yellow box 180 grain FMJ. The solution is to make sure I never use that ammo again.

    I've gone through 100 rounds of new production Rem-UMC FMJ in the green and white 50 round boxes, as well as a 50 round box of Remington 155 grain JHPs and a couple of mags of Golden Saber, all with no problems. I had some extraction problems with Winchester ammo, but fixed that, and now Winchester is 100%. I've had no feeding problems with Winchester in over 500 rounds.

    My guess is that the Steyr chambers are relatively tight, and that ammo has to be in spec to work reliably. We may have gotten hold of some ammo that wasn't in spec.
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    I'm curious if you've tried swapping out the slide with your other M-series gun and see if you get the same or similar problem.
    So far so good with my M9 after after a thousand rounds-plus. It still barely goes into battery with a loaded magazine and a slight rearward pull on the slide (re-setting the trigger but without chambering a round). A bit disconcerting but soon as I touch the trigger or even wiggle the mag release the slide locks into battery the way it should have.
    Been trying to keep up with the latest here and the range/service reports are generally good, informative reading.
    I'd like to see my m9 go through 10,000 rounds without a hiccup. So far so good...
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    Happens with my M40-A1 every time I go to the range (at least 5 times per 200 rounds). :cry:
    Different ammo, different mags, doesn't matter if the gun is clean or dirty.
    Never ever happened with any of the other pistols I owned.
    I don't want to keep a weapon I cannot rely on 100%.
    Will probably sell and get an XD.
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    why sell and take a loss when steyr will fix for free?
    If it's that often w/ all those variables then send it back.

    call the number in the stickied thread under industry news section
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    Thanks, that may not be a bad idea.
    I love my Steyr, but doubts are still in the back of my mind - first I had a cracked S40, now I have a jamming M40...
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    I had the same problem but I was using wolf ammo. I switched to some umc's tore the gun down for a proper cleaning and also hand riffled 100 rnds of gold dots through it. DBL checked my grip/ limp wrist and I've never had another problem.

    If you still end up selling it = i'll buy it :lol:
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    hmmm this isn't too encouraging; I have a M9-A1 on order and would really be disappointed if I had it happen to me. So far in 2250+ rounds my Beretta has been 100% reliable and that is what I expect from every gun....

    I was going to say you got a lemon, but after hearing about other people having the same problem that doesn't look to be the case... I would still have it checked out.

    BTW Did it happen to anyone with a 9mm M-A1? maybe this is just a M40 thing? :?
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    I don't think the 9mm will have that problem... my M40 is a little finicky too, but both my 9mm have been without question 100% reliable...........don't know why, and I don't know if other people have had this problem with their 9's.........Don't sweat it.....Steyr are great....

    I just took my HK USP 45 apart for a little maintainence........ 8-O I don't have any idea why this thing works......... :lol: Steyr is so much more user friendly.........I'll probably wind up bringing a box of parts to the gunsmith.... :oops:
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    Well, I've just had this happen to me for the first time today and I know I limp-wristed it. Started out shooting a new Beretta Tomcat in .32 I recently picked up. Moved to the Steyr and on the first round I got a hard jam. Problem is I can't get this round out. It doesn't sound like I've given it quite the beating that some of you have had to do, but I'm just a little hesitant about that. Anyone got any specific tricks I might try without just beating the thing to death? Thanks in advance.
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    I had hard jams with Sellier&Bellot ammo on my m9-a1. I bought a 1000 round box of S&Bs and I shot some 100 of them. They made many stovepipes and 3 hard jams.

    I talked to the imported and they told me to try some other brand of ammo and if it still would do jams then to send the gun to them.

    I took the ammo back to the store and traded them to magtech. Now I have shot some 200 rounds without any problems.
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    This is the problem that I am having. Hard lock with the new shell half way into the chamber.

    Did it with Winchester, PMC and Corbon, did it with both mags.

    If by 500 rounds it has not smoothed out, I cannot honestly have faith in the gun. And seeing that others are having the identical issue, I do not think that it is an isolated occurance or that I just have a lemon.