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I shot my M9 today, this makes 1450 trouble free rounds thru it. No matter how hard I try to like them, the stock sights just don't work for me at the longer ranges. What are all of my options to change over to a conventional set of sights? Thanks for any help, I figured you guys would know.

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Yeah, the tri/trap sights are great for fast acquisition and close range shooting, but I wasn't too accurate with them beyond about 15 yards, and they are basically useless at night. I swapped mine out for some PTs in a more conventional configuration. I can now carry my M9 at night, and my groups tightened up considerably at the range. It was money well spent.

PT night sights group buy: ... pic&t=1384

Jeff's PTs: ... pic&t=1545

My PTs: ... pic&t=1511
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