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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by heavymetalmachine, Sep 29, 2007.

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    Well I finely got off my but and took the CC class today..
    97% On the written test I did miss one..
    Got a 100% on the range with my Tactical

    The first was 3 rounds at 3 yards 3 times..
    At this point after the 2nd and 3rd shoot I thought I had missed the target altogether. Then I did 6 more and walked away thinking I had not hit the target. Then we where to shoot 3 rounds 3 times at 7 yards. This time one of the instructor's told me to lay off the same hole that I had the hole target I could shoot at So at this time all three instructor's where looking over my shoulder. 3 same hole 2 more but that next one went low and left about one inch. I thought I am hitting the target!!! The next three back in the same hole.

    At this time I had put 11 shots in a hole the size of a quarter. Now at ten yards I started shooting a little high and by the time I was at the 15 mark and the last I was low for sure..

    Anyway the police had a time with my shooting and it made me feel great I have not shot in about 4 months

    Anyway the head instructor took me to the side when I was done and said I had done some real fine shooting and he said it a few time like he meant it.. So I can say it was a good day..

    Now for the picks :) :)



    The one on the 7 really made me mad I walked away for a min to reflect on it but it all worked out..
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    Attaboy, *metal* :)

    Good shootin', Bro.


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    Ain't nothing wrong with that RIA or the guy shooting it!

    I'll make a bet here and now. When you get that brand new M9-A1 to the range, there's going to be a whole lot of 9mm holes very close to each other if not on top of one another on the very first target you shoot at.

    I'm sure the guys running the course were glad to see somebody who can hit what he shoots at. There were about 30 in my CCW class and when we got to the range, they were spraying rounds all over the place, to steal one of Madecov's favorite phrases, like a drunk with a cleft palate.

    But the instructor told us beforehand the only way to flunk his range test was to shoot the instructor. Nobody did.

    But it does give you pause to think about all those legal gun toters who can't hit the broad side of a barn. :shock:
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    I am more afraid now of people with guns then I was before!!!

    There were folks with single action 22's that shook so much they could not cock the hammer.

    One of the first guys had a new XD and could not to save his life load 4 rounds into the mag!!

    And one ol boy I have known for 15 years could not load his single six so the instructor did it for him :shock: He was so proud when they passed him I guess I was too.

    But all in all it was fun!!

    Now to get my prints done at the sheriff's tomorrow. I hope they have time..
  5. heavymetalmachine

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    I had my prints done today. I had never been in the jail house before :mrgreen:

    Rang the buzzer and a policeman came to let me in. I told him I was there for the prints for my CCL and man what a look I got :lol: :lol:

    Anyway off the the DMV in the am for my mug shot... :mrgreen:

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    "...and man what a look I got."
    What was the problem?