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Weapon Mounted Tactical Lights

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Ok, I'm willing to lay out the coin for a good weapon mounted tactical light, but there are alot of different types out there to choose from.

What are the advantages to having a weapon mounted tactical light like the Streamlight M-6 with the laser illuminater? I've never aimed a handgun using a laser illuminater and was wondering if you just look at the little red dot or if you can co-witness it with the sights? Do laster illuminaters really improve accuracy and speed on target?

Should I just go for the Streamlight M-3 with just the visible light and no laser? What about Surefire weapons lights? Any info you guys could give would be help feel better about spending money on a tactical light.

Safe Shooting
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xmark said:
Sir, if you had a laser pointing device on your weapon, couldn't you have accurately taken aim at the victim in a non-lethal area of his body?"
I don't know about Georgia, but Arizona has laws AGAINST shooting to maim.

In this state, if you draw your weapon and fire, you are shooting to kill. And in fact, you may face more legal repercussions for wounding a person in the leg on purpose than if you put one right between the eyes.

The reason for this is that firing a weapon at someone is a last-resort defense, and should ONLY be done when the shooter is in fear for their LIFE. That being the case, force is met with equal force. Threaten my life, and I take yours.

If you are in a situation in which you feel EQUAL force is a leg wound or immobilzation of a threat, possibly your gun should never have been unholstered in the first place.

Shooting is to kill, and kill only.
xmark said:
I agree with your philosophy.
Not to be argumentative, but it's not my "philosophy". It's the way the legal system works, at least in this state.

My CCW instructor was very clear on this - in Arizona, you shoot to kill, and ONLY to kill. There are no self-defense laws designed to protect those who shoot to injure.

Again, not being argumentative. I just wanted to be clear that I wasn't only stating how I felt about the issue, but how the law feels about it as well.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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