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Washington State members chime in!

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How many of you guys/gals are from Washington State? Any of you from Eastern Washington like me? Sometimes I feel like the sole Steyr owner East of the Cascades! :willynilly: I am from the Tri-Cities and we have an awesome range down here which includes a 1000 yard range as well.

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So, I take it there is no one between the Cascades and Northern Idaho except me...:willynilly::willynilly:? I'll have to step up Steyr recruiting efforts locally.

Sorry dude. . . I'm located in the Olympia area. There are few of us here within the forum (don't know why I'm the only knuckle-head to reply to your thread).

Thanks for the response Gary. Still looks like I'm the only one over here on the East side.
I'm so ronry...:rofl:

I thought I'd replied to this thread previously; I'm in the Seattle area o_O I got family in your area though Bit =P
We are in the S.Everett N.Lynnwood area would like to find others too
we have a S9 and need a fireing pin and spring maybe
That isn't a part that Steyr has ever really stocked for sale - you're not going to find anyone who just has those parts laying around. You will definitely need to contact Steyr Arms and speak to Jeff Reece about getting the replacement parts.
Washington...oh, you mean Northern Oregon! Yes, you have brethren in the proper sothern part of Oregon.


Hi Bittrich,

Not from Eastern WA either, but instead Puyallup. Welcome to the club!! :salute:

Amy from Blade-Tech
Portlandian, chiming in!

I'll bridge the gap between the Washingtonians to the north and the Eugenians to the south.
I live in East Wenatchee. Have a recently purchased M9-A1.
I am in the Olympia area also, but I hope you have luck finding some more members on the eastside!
I guess there are quite a few of us from the Pacific Northwest. I'm in the Portland area as well.
Shot my M Professional rifle today in 7x64 at the Plantation range near Bellingham, WA. Havent shot it for a while. Shoots just as well as last time! It loves R-19 and Sierra 160 GKHP bullets. Had a couple of called flyers that spoiled what would have been sub-1/2 moa 4-shot groups. Hate it when that happens! Its the only Steyr I own and I love it.
Brand new member out here in the North Beach area (Grays Harbor county). It looks like I'm the only one out here in this neck of the woods, with Garys4598 as my closest 'neighbor'.
I am a Snohomish County resident and proud owner of an early model M40 (1999). When I got it the lock was chewed to peaces and the key was missing. Jeff Reece at Steyr did me a solid and sent me both free of charge.
Well, these days I'm Steyr pistol poor. I am thinking about buying an L-A1 in 9mm. I have though, since I originally started this thread, picked up an AUG. :D. It is non-NATO, just like God intended them. :chair:

My little collection has grown a bit. It now consists of my AUG A3, a S9-A1 and my new L9-A1. I need another L9-A1, an M9-A1 and a SSG 69 PII.

Just joined the forum to find answers to a question I posed to Steyr Mannlicher USA HQ. On the site they speak of a conversion kit to 9x19mm for the S9-A1. When trying to search their site it does not come up in the results. If the kit exists and if there are any S9's left in the US I will be getting one in .40S&W and convert to 9mm for training expenses...

From what I have seen on this site so far it's basically just a slide/Barrel/recoil spring and Magazine. If that's the case then I could just buy the parts separately but "Kits" are usually cheaper...
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