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What sort of purchase was your Steyr pistol?

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Was a Steyr your first gun?

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Perhaps I'm just seeing things, but several comments on here and a couple other forums make it seem like an awful lot of Steyr pistol owners bought the Steyr as a first gun - myself included.

So this is one of those famed and completely unscientific internet polls, because my curiousity has been piqued. Obviously, more than one option may well apply, so please pick the topmost option that applies to you.
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I went round and round for almost 2 years about buying the Steyr vs Glock and the like for my first semi. But everything kept bringing me back, so finely I broke down and picked it up. Haven't looked back since.
my first 9mm...and still my only...for now

I'd had the itch for a 9mm for a long time, always figured i would get a beretta 92F...but after handling a are big guns....nice, but way larger than i i started looking around...was also on a budget as well...looked at glocks...never did much care for the feel of them, liked the Sigs, but too much money...then one day...poking around at my local Gander Mountain....there was this knew the name Steyr...long fan of the AUG, and would love to get one of the Scout rifles as well...but a Steyr pistol? looked great, felt great, and had a great price.(got it for $330)....But...i knew nothing of their reputation....sooo....went home...hopped on the web...started digging....found some info, was impressed by its background...and then decided to take the plunge. Have been very happy with that decision....even bought 10 more mags (4- 14rders) the light for it yet though....

I would say i have put as much into accesories for the M9 as i put into the purchase of the gun in the first place....

Very happy with it.....and even more so now that i have found GT-steyrtalk and now SteyrClub....the support from the members is great.

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1) Beretta .22
2) Bersa .380
3) Charter Arms .38 (gave to mom)
4) Star PD .45
5) Steyr M9- only handgun I currently own.
well, I sold all of my 40 cal guns and wanted a replacement

CDNN closeout on the M40

I have over a dozen handguns anyway, 45/9mm/380/38/357/25

need to get a 32 to help round out the collection.
Not the first. But it would make a good first gun.
Steyr M9 was my first centerfire gun. Bought a Browning Buck Mark the month before. 8)
first gun.
The Steyr M9 was my first gun other than a BB rifle :).

It ws recommended to my by CGuns, a member here as well as on GT, and someone I know from several other internet forums.

I was extremely glad he told me about the Steyr, as I was prepared to spend twice what the M9 cost. For a first gun, the price was definitely a factor, and the Steyr represented the ultimate pistol to me - high quality, at an entry-level price.
M9 was the first handgun I've purchased. I bought it because I'm an engineer and love the design of it, and after fondling my friends I just couldn't turn down buying one at such a ridiculous price!

I've owned plenty of shotguns and rifle prior to my Steyr though. I had an old Star 9mm given to me, shot it a few times and didn't like anything about it so I sold it.
It was the first and second gun I purchased in 2004. I guess that counts, doesn't it?
First post about a first pistol. I was talked into a Steyr S9 by my boss (i work at a computer networking firm) who also runs a pistol range. Love the gun, tell everyone about it.
I had been looking into replacing my Glock 23 with another polymer pistol in 40. I also picked up a Walther P99
I liked the price and ergonomics of the Steyr.
I dislike the lack of support.

I will keep the M40 and will qualify with it. As long as it remains reliable I will keep the gun and use it as a carry weapon.

I am looking into a glock 23 again, but I hate to spend the money they want for them.
The Steyr was the first and second handgun I personally owned (I grew up shooting the family guns). First an S40, then an M9.

And if you gave me a Glock, I would sell it and buy an M357. :p
Not the first, but one of the Best!!!

I have owned a S&W Model 19 for the last 30 years. I didn't get the automatic bug until this year. I bought the Steyr after getting a Glock G34 and a Sig 226. I have since sold the Sig and picked up a G26 to carry. My biggest problem was teaching my son to shoot using the S9 and now he considers it his pistol. I guess I am back to my G34 again.
By the way, I have to say that the S9 has been one of the biggest surprises for me. I bought it from CDNN and it has been the Timex of my gun collection. You keep feeding it ammo and it always goes bang. We have more than 2000 rounds through it and the trigger just gets better. I would not part with this S9. Just a great firearm and I hope Steyr gets their proverbial head out of their ass and starts to market their guns properly.
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